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Found 9 results

  1. I'd like to introduce you to Bluegill Rodworks, my rod building venture. My favorite rods to build are fiberglass fly rods, wrapped with a very simple style. I also enjoy restoration work, some of those classic rods still have lots of life left in them and clean up pretty good. I'm willing to tackle pretty much any build, from fly to spinning to casting rods, so give me a shout if you have a project in mind. Fair warning though, if you're looking for something specialized (such as centerpin or spey) I might redirect you to someone with more experience in those areas. If you'd like to know what I'm working on feel free to follow my page on Facebook
  2. Custom built fiberglass rod. Built on a Japanese made E-Glass blank, 7'5" 4/5 weight. Burl reel seat, Ritz grip, Snake Brand guides. Blank colour is a light olive, similar to the Orvis Golden Eagle colour. Very nice casting rod, enjoyable softer feel than graphite. Can handle a 4WT line for lighter presentations, but will also handle a 5WT line for small streamers. Shorter length is a bit nicer for tighter streams, would make a great brook trout rod. Would like to get $350, but feel free to make an offer. Includes a rod sock to keep it pretty.
  3. I am now another year older, and some would say wiser. Having to work on my actual birthday yesterday, I was up bright and early with my fly rod in hand and headed down to my local waters. There were very few people around, which made things rather enjoyable, after a little walking, I found a nice unoccupied pool, 4th cast in and fish on! Expecting a big ole boot, it was a very nice surprise to see this beauty come to shore! After releasing it back into the waters, I head back up to my pool, where 2 cast later I found myself in a 20 minute battle with this boot, I had an 8lb leader on, so horsing this fish in was not an option. About half way through the battle my reel seat loosened and the reel came off in my hands, i managed to hold onto the fly line and reattach my reel while the fish sat still in the pool, and a big thanks to the kind strangers that stopped to watch the battle and then helped me land the fish. Thanks again stranger and your brother from the north! The release And finally, my fly of choice for this mornings adventure
  4. Did the trek into the Eastern townships again this past weekend to visit my buddies father in-laws private lake and lodge. WOW.....what a fantastic time (beer). Headed up Saturday morning and arrived around noon. No motors allowed so it was oars and paddles (beer) on this probably 3 sq-mile lake. I opted for a Showbee 6wt with a wt forward floating line and a 4.5lb tippet. I moved back and forth between a Mickey finn and another yellow red and black fly that the name escapes me at this time, while others preferred the spinning outfits. While they did catch a bit more fish, the fun factor was explosive on the fly rod. There was about 35 fish caught between me and my bud over the 2 days. (beer) Most were returned to the water but some were pretty tasty. The lodge has a history going back almost 150 years and listening to some of the historians was as good as fishing itself. The lodge was a frozen in time museum of the past. It was awesome (beer) And of course with ice of last Wednesday, it was a perfect time for a dip (beer) I have a good batch soaking right now that will hit the smoker tomorrow! (beer) What a great trip!
  5. Hey guys In August I am headed out to Vancouver for a wedding. Having never beek there, of course I will want to explore with some fishing. Here is the trip plan so far - Fly to Calgary - Explore the area between Calgary and Vancouver for a week, hopefully do some fishing. (Maybe a guided trip on the bow river?) - after all that aboard the Alaskan Cruise Ship -Stop in juneau and will book a fly in fly fishing trip (can't wait) -Also making stops in Ketchikan and Skagway. ANYWAYS, got some questions. 1) Where would be some good areas to stop along the way to vancouver to fish that is easily accessible? I will have my 5wt rod along with hip waders. 2) I have a day in each port (Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan) Juneau I have already looked after. I don't have enough money to blow on guides in each port and I'm in each port for a full day. Does anyone know if there is any decent fishing I can get to by foot from those towns? 3) I'm assuming the airport will give me trouble about bringing flies on the plane. Anyone had experience with this? Thanks guys I'm extremely excited for the summer ahead! I'll get some great opportunities to fish some areas and for some fish that I have never had the chance to!
  6. My name is James Smith. I am a store manager for The Orvis Co. in Asheville, NC. My grandparents have a cottage on 12 Mile Lake near Minden, ON. I will be arriving late on August 5th and leaving early August 9th. I have done some small mouth fishing on the lake in the past but was looking to see what else was available in the area. I am open to do pretty much anything that can be done wade fishing or out of a sit on top kayak. I will have a 4, 5, 6, and 8wt with me so will be able to target just about anything, I just need some advice on where to go. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to get up to the cottage in almost 4 years so I would love to make good use of my time. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hi All, I have never fished for steelhead before but am extremely interested in giving it a try. I do fish in the rivers around Waterloo whenever i can. I am looking for any tips or advice on tackle, location, technique or anything else you think would be benificial for me to know. I mostly fly fish these days but i am open to any ways to catch them. Thanks for all your help, Jake
  8. .......Its a 40 to 50 inch fish chasing a giant fly right to the boat.... Got out on the river to chase Musky for the day on Sunday. Did a very short drift with my buddies Ken and Tyler. Ken Guides in southern Ontario for pretty much any species you can think of. Ken built this boat a number of years ago. I've watched it evolve over the years as he tweaked this and that. I wouldn't hesitate at all in saying its now THE Cadillac of driftboats. Plenty of standing and casting room at both the bow and stern of the boat. This is a necessity, especially when making long casts with giant flies where line piles up at your feet. We managed to raise several large fish, as well as a few smaller fish. I had one giant close to 50" become airborne right beside the boat before it winked and spit the giant squirrel sized fly right back into the boat. No musky landed, but a couple of nice smallmouth came to hand. Here's a little clip of a nice Fish close to 40" chasing a fly right to the boat. Tyler was shaking quite a bit after this follow. His first time chasing these beasts on the fly...At the end of the day we had each hooked a couple of fish, but keeping them on was another story. Large single point barbless hooks definitely add to the adventure.... In typical Chandler fashion, he says put it 'there', you put it 'there' and get ready....
  9. I don't really know anything about flies or fly fishing, but I have these... They look better (to me) than the Danielson brand flies I see at Canadian Tire, and that's the only selection I saw in town last I checked (though I missed the actual tackle shop, as they were closed). Anyhow, let's say I were to acquire a fly rod and some knowledge on casting and fishing, would these be any good to use for trout (any more effective than other flies such as the Danielsons or whatever)? Or should I just keep them as memorabilia (they were my grandfather's) and pass them down to my son? It looks like a full set in this little metal tin. The only wording on the outside says "Fly Box." Larger versions can be found here, if needed: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17898384/flies-a-large.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17898384/flies-b-large.png
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