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I switched to OOMA two years ago and couldn't be happier. I did my research first and they got the best reviews. For under $5 /mo in regulatory fees I get free long distance in Canada and other options. If I wanted to upgrade to $10 I would have long distance in NA, three way calling and other features. Sound is really good for the most part and usually no delay. The only time I have issues is because my bandwidth is quite low at 3Mbps so if I'm downloading it does affect performance but that could be fixed by setting up QoS (Quality of Service) on the router.

I got mine for $90 on sale and it payed for itself in less than two months by not paying Bell. :) I also got to pick my own number and best of all I have not had one spam call since I switched. You can also pay a fee if you want to port your old number over, but then you'll keep getting those unwanted calls.

I would definitely recommend it.


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21 hours ago, DRIFTER_016 said:

I've been using Vonage since 2005 with no issues at all.

Just recently I was having issues with my device and they fedexed me a replacement at no cost.

Costs me $21/mo for 500 minutes world wide.

Likewise, been using vonage since 2004 and get unlimited calling to most countries in the world for $35 CAD taxes included. No issues and their customer service is really good.  No plans on switching since we are very happy with their service.

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