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  1. Lol, looks like its not as easy then to register an unregistered homemade trailer. I was thinking of the same thing of trailering it on another trailer. All good deals are out of town so it really makes it not so good of a deal once you factor in everything. Easiest would be to drive it back unplated with bill of sale and register it once its home, but dont want to take a chance with the 1.5 hour drive back down the 401
  2. Just recently got my boating license from boaterexam, and although the exam part was not that bad, but the studying part is time consuming 😩. Just relieved I passed the first try with over 90% 😌
  3. I'm interested in buying a small utility to haul my inflatable boat around rather than constantly deflating and inflating. I have my eyes on one that fits the bill and size as well. Seller had never got it registered, and will sell it as is. Here are my questions: 1) How easy is it to register a used (never previously registered) trailer? 2) Do I need plates on it to bring it back home? Or is bill of sale enough? 3) How easy is it to register? Ive heard I can mention it is homemade, which I believe it is. Thanks.
  4. same usage here. motor out to the spot and drift or anchor. the inflatable drift pretty quick. once I was unhooking a fish and getting reset, and I easily drifted 200 feet. good thing it was a small lake with no traffic 😅. What I love about the inflatables is the stability, comfort and the ability to take them anywhere.
  5. I just read the same thing. Looks like I better start saving up for a bigger motor 😅
  6. SInker, when you decide to sell it in 5 years of less, message me! That's exactly the type of boat I would be interested in. Reminds me of the boat from Meateater's Das boat series 😁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-expmckWlRY
  7. Sorry another question, since this motor is only a 3.5 lb thrust, will it move the boat at all lol? at max weight including the battery, I would say it will be anywhere between 6-700 lbs. the boat is rated at 880lbs so well within the limits, but not sure this little motor will be able to push it. only plan to use it on calm less windy days. Here is a video of the original boat it came on. its only got one speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_St9z79bO8
  8. How many hours do you get with your trolling motor and 50ah battery? I'm thinking of getting the Minn kota 32lb motor soon.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Looks like its not worth trying it for the boat. Will experiment with it perhaps when camping. meanwhile will take the boat out and see how long the battery lasts. not much info on this motor because of how old it is. its a 3.5 lb thrust motor and only one speed.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I do have a proper charger for the battery which is a sealed lead acid 55ah battery. Thought of experimenting with a solar panel since I have one collecting dust the garage. Misfish, I was planning together real outdoor carpet, but found someone throwing this carpet out and surprisingly it was pretty thin and lightweight. Haven't had much water coming on the deck in the past, so hoping to not have issue with it getting soaked. The motor is a Goodman&sons raft motor which is super rare. A friend of mine picked it up for like $5 a few years ago.I know it won't get me anywhere quick,but should work fine for the calm smaller lakes until I get a proper Minn Kota.
  11. Been too long since I have visited this site. Hopefully everyone is doing well 🙂 with the prices of everything going up, I decided to kind of pimp out my intex seahawk inflateble boat for smaller lakes. I've added a hard floor, build a battery box, added some cheap diy rod holders and finally going to use the tiny trolling motor someone gifted me from a garage sale 😁. I also got a cheap sonar as well as 2 batteries, one for the sonar and one for the trolling motor. So my main question here is, can I charge the main deep cycle battery with a portable solar panel while its being used by the motor? If so, can I plug it directly to the battery, or is there an inverter or something else needed in between the battery and solar panel? thanks
  12. Ive been seriously thinking about the Sault ste Marie idea 😀. I think that's the first time and place I ever casted a line when I was little boy.
  13. This year has been different, but great in many ways. Fishing was better than previous years, and was able to catch some PBs this year and a few firsts.😊 Mainly did well at port Maitland Pier after many years of getting skunked there. Caught several large pike (7 &9 pounders) and half dozen bowfin. Also got a nice 6lb catfish. Surprisingly, only 2 sheepshead at Maitland even though the first word that comes out of everyone's mouth when they hear Maitland is Sheepshead! 😁 All in all, probably netted close to 50 lbs worth of fish at the pier this year. I'm planning to try it again early morning in the next few days when the water is calm. Hoping for similar luck, but with the colder weather, should I expect the same results, or better or worst?
  14. Get an electric site and bring a heater and inflatable mattress. Sleeping bags as well. Camped at Silent lake two weeks ago with temps going down to Minus 5 at night, but was tolerable with the above stuff. Should be nice and scenic now. Honestly, Would go for two nights at Balsam. Went for the first time this year and was amazing for fishing.
  15. I have decide this year to drive away from the city and try fishing smaller lake. Went to Balsam last week and did good for perch and a nice smallie from the inflatable boat. Planning to try Silent lake this week just for the day. Anyone have a depth map they can share a screenshot of for Silent lake? Want to try for some lake trout before it closes end of this month. Will take some minnows, but will keep some tube jigs and jig heads. Anything else I can try? I cant troll from the inflatable so going to find the drop off and mainly jig or send down some live minnows. I understand with the temps dropping, lake trout can be at any depth, but if you guys have any suggestions on which depth to try, I would appreciate it. thanks
  16. Yes its open lakeside, but they will still get you by not allowing parking in the parking lot at night. I got a $50 parking ticket a few nights ago and I'm sure everyone there that night got tickets too. As much as we try to follow distancing by going outside peak times, they will nail you somehow. Was an expensive fishing trip with no catch 🙄.
  17. I love vertical jigging. Just let the line to the bottom and wait for the bump on the rod tip. I use the same technique from the pier for perch, bass, sheepshead etc
  18. can I take a 12 foot inflatable with paddles and fish on cooks bay on calm day in the shallower areas, or is it not recommended? would find a good spot and anchor there. I have used my inflatable in algonquin on some med sized lakes like canisbay as well as oastler lake near parry sound, and eagle lake at miksew and it was fine. caught some decent fish off of it too.
  19. Raycaster, looking forward to your report from the provincial park side. Heading up there in september hopefully.
  20. I agree you dont have to have the most advanced equipment. My friend and I fish from a seadoo speedster boat with manual downriggers. Its a pretty rustic setup but works. first time we ever went out, we tried the 50/50 method. We were clueless on what were doing, but hooked into 2 8 lb rainbows that morning. Since then, we have gotten some better equipment, but from our experience, keeping it simple works best. 2 weeks ago, hooked into a 18 lb salmon which was running on manual downrigger with a 4 lb weight. didnt have a line counter, but estimated it was running at 30 feet. Raycaster, where do you launch from? I don't own a boat, but have some experience going out with friends on their boats. I am very observant and have learnt over the last two years of fishing Lake ontario on generally what works. If you wish, I can join you and share whatever little I have learnt. Last 2 trips out, we caught 3 of 6 on one trip and 6 of 8 on another. I also have some proven flies and spoons that one of the my more serious fisherman friend gave me that we can use. Let me know.
  21. I have been hearing opp and local police are pulling people over and asking their intentions of being out. Anything non essential and there is risk of being fined. Not sure how true this is, but what does this mean for shore fishing?
  22. Did you get rid of the big yellow boat? Was a nice one!
  23. Anyone have any info on where to park there? Is it ok to park all along 2nd line. According to google street view, there are no no parking signs along the north side of 2nd line and none that I can see on Dempsey rd either. Im asking because we are approximately a group 12 cars and dont mind walking a bit as long as parking is allowed along those streets. Thanks
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