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My brother doctored his sunfish lure.










No coffee, just a 3:30am wake-up call when you're 7 and going fishin'..




First bass of the season and someone's photography skills are not up to snuff.




Brother bass




Not sure if this one was looking for love? Or a meal?




For a moment he thought he had the bass of the year.




All 3 of us had hits on the sunfish but my brother was the only one to get a bass in the boat. Still not peak slop frog season anyway but had to try 'em.




We fished only topwaters and did well for numbers but getting the "big ones" in the boat didn't work-out. The jr. angler was having a tough time getting his hooked fish into the boat but finished the day with the biggest bass landed.



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Nice outing looks like everyone had a great time!

Did u notice an increase in hookup after the doctored paint job ?

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