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Conservation Officer @ High Park

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Hey everyone,


So I vloged my fishing adventures at high park yesterday for crappie. Unfortnately, I didn't catch any but I caught a few blue gills on a bare jig LOL.

I'm really happy that I bumped into a conservation officer and he asked for my license. There was this couple who were new to fishing and they didnt havea license with them. Not sure if they got fined or not but yeah, it's good that they are checking during bass spawning season.


Here's my youtube vlog -> https://youtu.be/JwLEf4KONkg

Here's my website blog -> http://www.wheretofish.ca/blog/


High Park fishing is truly amazing. I hope to change people's action informing them about respecting the environment and perserving the fisheries for future generations.


-Ratnak (where to fish)

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