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New gear feedback requested


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After a recent trip I have decided I need:

A good gore tex based rain suit leaning towards the BPS pro qualifier based on reviews and threads on this site. Would go 1 size up to be able to layer. Any other thoughts. Budget would be around $400 for the set


A jigging combo. Leaning towards the st croix eye con 6'3 medium light, extra fast

Would pair with a shimano symetre 2500 series (although I have read that many prefer a 1000 size for jigging but I'm not sure why) or the same size in a pflueger supreme xt. Budget would be under $300 for the combo


Feedback appreciated


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Hi Gordy


I have the BPS pro Qualifier It is a fantastic suit keeps me dry on the wet days and warm on the cool days,


Watch the BPS sales flyers and you should get it for $400


Most of my jigging rods are St Croix Med or Med light.


I use the 1000. With braid there is no need for the larger 2500 spool


The 1000 is lighter not a big deal for a couple hours but if it is in your hand every day for a 7 day trip it is nice.


Just my $.02


Lots of options out there




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Premier or Avid


But the first, go to set up, I reach for, is a 6'6" Premier Med/Light and a Symmetre 1000 spooled with 5 lb power pro


If I am fishing the north where the water is tea stained the PP is tied directly to the Jig


Like I said my 2 cents lots of options

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I have been using the eyecons with the 1000 series stradic's. Very nice combos, and very light and responsive. I too find the 1000 series reels to be plenty for just about every pickerel application I run into. To be truthfull, I've landed several muskies on the eyecon/1000 combo as well, most in the 35-40 inch class, and have had no issues (I've also been bit clean off a few times too LOL). Countless bass as well. I run braid with an 8-10lb lead of seaguar. They are a good rod, and the 1000 reel will do just about all you need it too, unless your into tuna fishing! I've had pro qualifier bibs for about 8 years and they've been great. Just bought a BPS goretex jacket a month ago as my old jacket finally gave up. I guess I'll find out if the quality is still there!

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