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Mulit Species is tough to find. I like to buy 1 or 2 species specific mags a year and they are usually packed with so much info that I can't try it all out in the short summer we have...not to mention the fact that my wife makes my summer even shorter.

By the lack of response to this post would it be safe to say that mags are out and internet in? Do you hear the "Technology Train" rolling by?


my 2 cents



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I really like Ontario Out of Doors, lots of local stuff and not just fishing. I dont hunt but would like to some day so the extra info is nice.


I used to subscribe to Fly Tyer and Canadian Fly Fisher, great mags, but I dont have time for fly tying or fishing any more. I just chuck hardware for now.

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Esox Angler supports us here.. so I get it.. Its a good mag and has alot about all fish.. just not muskie and pike.. not much on abss but some walleye... ahem.. pickeral stuff as well.. its quartery so its a great big glossy mag..


I get OOD, Esox and Outdoor Canada... Funny thing.. first thing I usually head for is the classifieds.....

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