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Got out last Night

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Hooked up with BassFighter "Josh" in search of some salmon, i got there a little earlier that expected and met Josh Later

there was lots of surface action, I casted Little Cleo's and not realizing how tired i was getting from so many casts, Josh

Showed up between 9:30 and 10:00 and moved on to a spot he fishes we casted for about a hour and got nothing so we

decided to move again this time we hit a spot where salmon were continuously jumping so we started casting and chatting

we both see a fish launch out of the water leaving a huge wake, we started casting to the area and nothing josh moves

around to a spot to get a better cast at it i stayed where i was excited lighting up my cleo every now and than, suddenly

i get a Huge Hit and my line starts to peel and my heart starts pounding, at this point i am calling Josh over to help out

this fish launched about three times and took at least half a spool of line, in the end thanks :clapping: to Josh for the net job and

taking Pics of my catch, here He is a male Brute.





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WTG Patrick :D

They sure can test your reels drag.



They sure can that Okuma Metaloid sure did a good job, Thanks again.

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Good job there Pat! , Always a pleasure to be with good angler. It was my first time there this season, inspiring to see you got one, your catch motivated me to go back there soon to put time and effort.


I have yet to catch one. Hard work paid off for you last night, as Salmon fishing is quality fishing and we get lucky at times when we get the quantity.


That was huge! I hope fighting with that monster did not further aggravate your semi-injured wrist. If it is too tough to fight with those Salmon again, you are always welcome to pass the rod to me and I will fight it in your behalf! HA! HA!


I don't mind trading the excitement of catching 10 bass to the thrill of fighting with one of those Brute!


It was also a true test to your Okuma reel , and it pass!


Better Salmon fishing is yet to come. We'll hook up again soon. Next time I will bring some Dynamite!

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