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  1. The lil' guy on the left sure is carryin' an awful big BB-gun!
  2. danbo

    Has this been done before?

    Mirror-image of me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fruHQhNe-UM...feature=related
  3. hey little buddy, long time no talk? how you holdin up?

  4. danbo

    Ladies and gentlemen...please

    Y'all saw it shaping up & did nothing.. I don't like U either.
  5. danbo

    Ladies and gentlemen...please

    Maybe YOU should direct this to the agitators that started the grief..ie; angrypigeon. Why have a classifieds if U don't want it used. Sounds fishy too me.
  6. danbo

    monster salmon

    A Thrill fight for sure!
  7. http://www.fishingandboats.com/trolling-motors.html
  8. danbo

    Lots of bears

    Sure..you coming with me?
  9. danbo

    Lots of bears

    If a bear is bustin' in to my place..he's gonna be a rug by mornin!
  10. danbo

    Lots of bears

    They should cull the "crackheads" in the city too..
  11. danbo

    The Credit River Dams

    Why don't you go & help C.R.A.A. ?
  12. danbo

    Lost Phone in Port Hope

    You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil.
  13. danbo

    Hotmail Problem (NF)

    G-Mail rocks.
  14. danbo

    Flurocarbon to Braided

    I'm with Garnet.