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    I tried 3 times center pinning and gave up. I am a bass angler, cast and retrieve with artificial lures. Okuma raw II, two-step higher then Okuma Aventa and sheffield. Sail.ca sells it for $280 + tax 1. Super smooth reel, 2. No scratch. Immaculate condition 3. It has a $25 value Siglon Japan made floating 15 lb fluorescent pink line.- Floating line makes a difference compared to using sinking line. Siglon Not available in Canada. 4. $200 Firm price. Leave your number when you PM me. Low baller will be ignored. Ad will be taken down if the item is sold. I live in NIagara falls area , not too far from the falls. but go to GTA at times. Josh

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    Niagara falls, Ontario - CA

  2. View Advert OKUMA RAW II-IMMACULATE FLOAT Centerpin Reel-$200 firm Item sold Advertiser bassfighter Date 05/29/2019 Price 200.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds
  3. Time Left: 2 months and 18 days

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    Very good condition Motorguide 6700 24 V 67 lb thrust trolling motor. Bow mount, Foot control. No remote control could also mean less potential parts to break down. 48" shaft Comes with external surge protector. Pick up Niagara Falls area. Leave a PM $350

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    , Ontario

  4. View Advert MOTORGUIDE 6700 24v trolling motor-$350 Very good condition Motorguide 6700 24 V 67 lb thrust trolling motor. Bow mount, Foot control. No remote control could also mean less potential parts to break down. 48" shaft Comes with external surge protector. Pick up Niagara Falls area. Leave a PM $350 Advertiser bassfighter Date 04/08/2019 Price 350.00 CAD Category Boats For Sale Boat Make / Manufacture Boat Make / Manufacture: -- Please Select Boat Manufacture -- Boat Year Boat Year: 0 Boat Length Boat Length: 48 inch Engine Hours Engine Hours: Number of Engines Number of Engines: 0 Fuel Type Fuel Type: 0  
  5. It is till close. IS Oshawa getting that bad? I had a mishap before I got to Oshawa pier. At 9:45pm on simcoe road on my way to the pier. I saw two teenagers pretended to play on the road, so I slowed down, just when I was about to pass them, one of them use some kind of weapon, smash and broke my side view mirror. I made a U turn and tried to chase after them to no luck, as they hid on some residential area on the side road called Kawarthas road/meadowvale street. I reported the incident to the police. After being distraught of the mishap, and had dealt with the police, by close to 10;30pm, I went towards the pier and was disappointed to not being able to fish it, as the security guard told me the area was close by 10pm till further notice. Two others anglers showed up and we all were unhappy wasting our gas and time, going there, realizing it will be close after 10pm. By 11:00pm., I drove back to the street where my mishap took place, wishfully thinking I might be able to find those prankster. To no luck! Then I saw and I spoke to a couple walking their dog within that block. They said they notice two burglers tried to enter their garage few nights, ago. The fellow woked up, went out, turned on his light, then saw the two guys ran away. They were over 40 years old, as he recalled. During my reporting incident with Police, they told me no murders happened so far in Oshawa, area just burglery and car thief.
  6. OSHAWA Pier is close by 10pm, All fisherman turned away by local security guard. http://toronto.citynews.ca/2017/09/12/autopsy-on-torso-found-at-oshawa-pier-inconclusive/
  7. Owner is coming to pick up the combo on monday. There were more people that passed by that rod combo, when it was left behind, if I did not pick it up after I finish fishing, it would have been gone.
  8. I actually posted it on 5 fishing board plus Kijiji. I have a feeling the odds are high to find its owner. The Owner ends up being a member here. The Owner has picked up the rod and reel combo and J -13 crankbait on monday. Thanks for all your kind word. THANKS TO THE OWNER, FOR THE TIMMY"S GIFT CARD AS A REWARD!
  9. Can I use the wire on a Jumper Cable to hook up two 12V Deep cycle battery to create a 24V system for Trolling motor? For years , I have been using Jumper cable wire to connect the 12V Deep cycle battery to my Trolling motor. I was reading that I should use 6Awg wire for 24V system. I believe some Jumper cable wire are around 8AWG. How do I determine the gauge thickness on a Jumper Cable?
  10. When my trolling motor skeg broke from accidentally hitting the boat ramp on my way in. I improvised and created a skeg using the soft plastic chopping board as material. Before gluing them together, I sanded my trolling motor off all excess paint to bare metal, them I glued the plastic skeg to the motor using fibreglass auto bondo. The plastic and bondo was easy to create into the shape of a skeg. I put extra bondo material on the Motor and the outside of the cut up plastic skeg. The fibreglass bondo was strong. I was always careful since then that I never allowed any rocks to touch my Trolling motor again. the improvised skeg never came off in years I owned the Trolling motor. I have never fixed my own broken skeg off my boat engine, When the lower unit was damaged and skeg broke off once, I took the lower unit off by myself, and let a professional guy weld another piece in and patch the lower unit.
  11. I finally saw the extra $4.30 additional service fee, on top of whatever license and outdoor card we need to buy, the fee only shows up at the last page when we are about to enter our credit card info. We need to check the box, two pages before, that we agree to be charge this additional service fee, or else we cannot proceed to the final billing page. I do not recall ever seeing this additional service charge in the past when applying on line.
  12. The on line www2.on.wildlifelicense.com/start.php has a mandatory box that we are forced to check it, stating we agree to be charge additional service fee . Anyone knows how much this additional fees were being collected once we try to pay the final amount using our credit card?
  13. I am contemplating of buying a used Motorguide 75lb 24V bow mount wireless control Trolling motor. Any potential issues with the wireless unit? I read that the wireless control does not respond with some obstruction between the control and the motor, But I do not intend the put the control too far from the motor itself. I also read on line that the hand control seems to work better. Thanks for any feedback.
  14. Letchworth state park, 1 hour south east from buffalo, rank best state park in usa. Ithaca falls, lower buttermilk falls state park. Very nice hiking trail and scenery. Check to ensure they are open, Erie canal museum in seracuse is a cool small free museum. Read it's history. Fish at Waterpark dam south of point breeze, oak orchard ,an area before hitting rochester, you need a life jacket as the law states even fishing on shore beside the dam. Fish the deepest water area closes to the hydro plant outflow, few steelhead were landed there by others....., if you can get to that spot, which is 8ft deep, chance are high you will get one by float fishing with beads, though the whole dam area can get very crowded, most other spot are just 3 to 4 ft deep. Burt dam is another area, closer to buffalo, but water has been shallow , can wade and fish beside the fall. If you exit kingston area, Pulaski ny is rank one of the best salmon trout fishing area in ny . But I have never fish it. The custom border there can get busy, due to construction. Stay at Parsippany,NJ, area, lots of shops there, then drive to a bus terminal, and commute to Manhattan by bus, or stay at Howard Johnson near secaucus, bus stop is just behind the building, 3 miles from manhatan. Most family type branded motel cost $50 during slow season, with free breakfast. Metropolitan museum of art in Manhattan is free. No.1 museum in usa. Museum of natural history got famous when Ben stiller had two movies made there. It is not free. Go watch a live Broadway play during matinee hours. Buy tickets at tkts ny for better deal.tickets are 35 to 50 per person, but worth the show to educate and entertain your whole family on modern opera. A must do list for most visitor to manhattan. Phantom, less miserable or lion king, etc, all are very good. Cost way more to watch a play in Toronto if they are available. If you drive the coast line on new jersey, you can view the statue of liberty and Manhattan. Check ny shore fishing regulation, many eastern coastline are free to fish on sea shoreline only. But you still need to register on line. Use shrimp and coarse fish. Google info on shoreline fishing technique, check water tide level as well.
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