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  1. I have a brand new 14ft Smokercraft wide/deep tiller with a 2008 30hp 4 stroke Mercury. It is pretty much a bare bones boat, no flooring or livewell. I get 28mph top speed trimmed out and can troll down to 1.98mph on calm water. When by myself I do have a slight lean to the right, which I find is normal for most smaller boats, I compensate for the lean by putting my battery and gas tank to the opposite side. I would question your theory of the foam being saturated, I am not sure but wouldn't they of used closed foam which wouldn't absorb water? And if not then I would think that all the foam thru out the boat would be saturated from the water leeching thru, not just the one side?
  2. There is a 10hp restriction on Stormy Lake.
  3. I had the exact same thing happening with my 1990 60hp merc. The first thing i would do is a compression test on all four cylinders, mine turned out to be a damaged piston ring on the bottom cylinder...complete rebuild needed. I hope that is not the case with yours but I would definately start with a compression test if everything else seems to fine. Good luck.
  4. Condolences to his wife and two young children...and to the rest of his family, friends and fans. Lots of speculation on the cause so soon, the only thing police have confirmed was it is non-criminal. The Toronto Sun is reporting a "source" saying that he hung himself??? (take that for what it is worth) Personally I have no opinion on the cause of death all I know is 35yrs old is far too young! R.I.P. Wade
  5. Raven lake is a lake trout and bass lake...don't think you will find pike there. I have never fished it but if there is lake trout in it I would imagine that it is a deeper lake.
  6. They say the Thrashers/Winnipeg will play in the east, taking on the Thrasher's 2011/2012 schedule...apparently already made up for this up coming season.
  7. If you are not pardoned before trying entry they will always show the charges on there records, pardoned or not. If you are pardoned before trying entry you will be fine...no charge will show on your record as you have been pardoned...unless of course you tell them that you had the charges.
  8. You don't access the reel thru the drag system to pull the body apart. Undo the handle, then undo the three little screws on the one side of the reel. Pull the cover off and all your gears will be there, becareful not to lose any little washers/parts.
  9. Most of those sites you posted are not truly on the lake. #175 is, if memory serves me correctly it isn't too bad. When you are online viewing the descriptions of the sites #175 is the only one that states "Lakefront" the other state "Waterfront" or view of the lake. None of the sites are on Sharbot lake they all surround/on Black lake, a very small lake, more suited for canoes and such.(bass and panfish) I maybe wrong but I believe the dog beach is down at the boat launch to Sharbot lake (short drive within the park. Sharbot lake although at times can be a tough fish it does have some quality bass in it. Hope this helps somewhat, have a great time!
  10. My only advise is to use a proper non-stretch ski rope, DO NOT use the yellow nylon stuff. Had some friends that were tubing and thought that it was no problem running with yellow nylon stuff, it was all good until the rope holding the centre pully broke. The pully shot back like a bullet almost taking the guy on tubes head off.
  11. Never used to be but yes you need both now.
  12. Site looks good, but under the heading "Locating Aurora Trout", third paragraph, first sentence seems to be missing a word.
  13. "I seen pictures of Lake O a 100 years back and the beaches were thriving." The beaches may have been thriving as far as people using them, but there is NO way that the water was cleaner/safer back then. Raw sewage was and has been one of the biggest factors as to why the beaches have been shut down past and present. The government dragged it feet addressing this problem for years, inadequate treatment facilities.(the Ottawa River is prime example presently) After rain falls the treatment plants cannot handle the volume of water that needs treated, thus releasing raw untreated sewage into the lake. The result of this is as we all know is e coli bacteria forming and settling in the shallow waters of our beaches. Another side thought to is, I would like to see what effects the geese feces play into the e coli situation, you cannot find a patch of grass anywhere in our beaches/parks that isn't cover in piles of their crap.
  14. Personally I hope you only paid for the value of the boat and are hoping you might get away with a cheap fix and score a motor out of the deal. You could be looking at a complete rebuild (if it is worth it) or maybe just a simple carb adjustment. A compression test would at least give you an idea where the problem may lie. Canadian tire sells compression testing gauges fairly cheap, well worth the investment in my eyes, that way you could test before buying. Yes I did learn the hard way when I bought my first boat that the seller stated had a "minor" stalling issue! I can't help you with a mechanic in the area, but I do wish you a simple fix! Good luck and hopefully others can recommend one.
  15. Here are the bear attack pictures Jewelbee had posted...different host site albeit.... My link
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