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Found 7 results

  1. https://youtu.be/DssYsx9UZMA
  2. Here’s a vid link of our day on Rice Lake from two days ago! It’s been up and down fishing with the yo-yo weather https://youtu.be/EScAJ3TUPxk
  3. Hey Folks, I finally finished editing day 2 of 3 of my Carp adventure with my pals on Rice Lake. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Hello, I am new to this board so I'll introduce myself: I am an avid fisherman and regular YouTuber heralding from the great city of North Bay. I go by the name Kokemachine and my youtube channel is called 4 Eel Fishing. My content is mostly fishing reports but I also enjoy making comedic and educational fishing animations. Anyway, I had the opportunity to visit Rice Lake this past spring on a quest for the giant brown beasts. My friends and I fished for 3 days on these carp filled waters and caught many greasy giants. All the fish were over 10lbs with our biggest at 26lbs. Here's my first vid from the trip with 2 more videos coming in the future. Hard Carpin' On Rice Lake (Day 1) For anyone who wants to try carp fishing but don't know where to start check out this animated video: Simple Rigging And Baits For Ontario Carp This pic is of one my buddies with his catch.
  5. Looking for a recommendation for fishing guides on Rice lake. We have 8 people who want to fish. Can anyone recommend a captain who can take 8 people out, or 2 boats with 4 guys in each? Hoping to get some action on bass or walleye Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi All, So to make things interesting, I normally make videos for my fishing reports as opposed to writing it out. As you all know, shore fishing is really hard and popular places tend to be heavily pressured. My mission is to go to these places and challenge myself to see if I fish could still be caught with skills and technique. Even though places are heavily pressured, most of them time you have novices who only know how to catch panfishes. More bigger fish for me . In this video, it's just crappie fishing Enjoy!
  7. With my little one finally on the mend from having her tonsils out a few weeks ago, it was time that I got out fishing again! It had been so warm recently, images of summer weather fishing danced in my head as I looked forward to getting out there again. Will and I planned for Sunday to be the day. Figures that a cold front of epic proportions had to come through!!! From humidex values in the 30s mid week to morning lows of around 5C and highs of just 15C was just cruel!! As the date approached we also saw the winds were going to be horrible...so we had to pick the lake carefully. After seeing pretty much every forecast saying 25km/h winds out of the north to northwest we had it narrowed down to a few areas. I arrived at Will's place around 545 this morning, the wind already gusting. I asked him where we were fishing and he said "You tell me". So off we went...along the 401 and up the 115. I was looking at the winds and lake maps and decided that maybe we should target walleye on Rice Lake. There are lots of islands to hide behind...and as long as it isn't a west wind, then we should find some calmer waters to fish. We arrived around 715ish...and launched....lines in the water just before 8am. The fishfinder was making a TON of fish suspended all through the column...so when I saw Will put a jig and worm on, I decided to try throwing crankbaits for a bit. Neither of us had any action, so I put a jig on as well...pink plastic grub tipped with a worm. I did my best to keep the jig as close to bottom as possible...and because of the early weeds, it was easy to rip through them when caught up. One time, I felt tension...wasn't sure, so I set the hook anyways. The result was this guy! The first walleye of the day! We kept on hugging fairly close to shore and I picked up another one a little while later Will was getting a little anxious about maybe not getting one, so he switched up and decided to drop shot for them! He picked up a few sunfish, but then finally in the afternoon he got on them! The day ended up with Will with 3 walleye...and me with 2. A few panfish and one nice out of season smallie. The winds really began to howl around 3pm...so we decided to call it a day and we headed in. We were quite happy with our results considering the cold front and winds we had to battle to stay out of! Had another great day out there Will! Now...next month, lets go get some muskie or Lake O salmonids!!
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