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  1. So sorry to hear this terrible news. Thinking of you Paul and everyone that Joey's life touched. RIP Joey
  2. Christine is a great person and am so happy she got to smile with this great fish
  3. Sorry for your loss Chris- not an easy thing to have to do.
  4. bonne Peche!!! call me dude... giant time is here!
  5. 5th year running of my salary cap pool. If you have not played its alot of fun and makes those Sundays you are not on the water a lot more fun. Each week you pick your starting line up with 100 to spend. Each week the values of the players will go up or down depending on how your players did the week before. Entry is 3 fishing lures to be sent to the winner at the end of the season. If you want to join sign up through yahoo fantasy and go to salary cap football League is called Fishing and Football you will need the league number Group ID# 4868 the Password is football KIck off is tonight ! you can make your picks until Sunday Good luck to all Jamie
  6. Had a great family trip to the Kawathas. Have not been back to Pigeon in a few years and was happy I did. Landed my first 50" fish in a few years at good old DSI! Great time for sure!
  7. About to make the deck, cranking some Lazarus A.D Early morning metal! http://youtu.be/17dUpEP9e6A
  8. Nice fish man! great surprise for sure
  9. Can't wait to toss some big baits! Good luck everyone
  10. My Condolances to you and your family during this tough time.
  11. Well got out a few times with the kids in the last few days... fishing and creatures. We caught one snake, one frog and two turtles... Fishing has been great, loads of bullheads on the lake and Bella got her first carp of the season today in downtown Ottawa. Hope all is well with everyone, sorry its been a while since my last report. Jamie
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