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  1. Chris Brock - Christine was a fixture on the Fish-Hawk forums for many years. She is also a member of the Reelbuddies board. That is how she knows a bunch of the guys, as she would go on many of the group trips and events - and fishes with many of the members regularly. A few of the pics I have taken of her have been published in OOD magazine, also. An extremely accomplished multi-species angler....that like I said, generally out fishes me! haha. Cheers, Justin
  2. Tell me about it, Steve! She kicks my butt with the largies 90% of the time, haha!
  3. Hello All, Just wanted to say that I passed along this thread to Christine and she was very appreciative of all the kind comments and well wishes. As for your comment, 'outlaw' - I will leave you with this. After doing a bit of research, a 56" fish (girth of 26") caught in 2009 was deemed the largest muskie ever taken from the lake according to records kept by the Michigan-Ontario muskie club. If a bigger fish has come from those waters since then, it is unknown. If not, Christine's fish would be the second largest ever caught from St. Clair. Would I deem that a monster? A trophy? A giant? I'd say yes to all three. But that's just me. Good fishing to all... Justin
  4. Hello All, Some may have heard, but my good friend Christine Cope landed a monster 55" muskie this past Saturday while fishing Lake St. Clair. Not only is this fish long, but it is fat and such a clean-looking specimen. I put together a short write-up detailing the catch after talking with Christine yesterday. You can find it here: http://www.wideopenspaces.com/female-angler-lands-monster-55-inch-lake-st-clair-muskie-pics/ Good Fishing, Justin
  5. Hello All, Headed out to the deer woods (public land/non-hunting) this past Sunday with the camera to do some photography, as well as to set up the trail cameras. Checked on them today and the first had 38 videos (2 minutes each in length.) Much to my surprise, videos 1 and 2 showed two bucks sparring! Definitely my best trail camera capture to date. Definitely a 'feeling out' kind of tussle. That will change in a few weeks when it will be an all out war. Cams were set up on the NCC Greenbelt here in Ottawa. Will be back to check the cams again in a couple of days - looking forward to seeing what I've captured this time! (watch in 1080p HD for best quality) Cheers, Justin
  6. KraTTor - Thanks! This was shot with a Canon 70D DSLR w/ a Sigma 150-500mm Telephoto lens - all on a tripod. Haha! You're right - guess it is fishing after all! haha! Cheers, Justin
  7. Beavertail - Once I took some still shots, then turned the camera to video, I began to wonder how long I might have to wait for it to strike prey - if it even decided to. Luckily, I only had to wait 2.5 minutes until it made the catch. Good thing - I can only shoot about 20 minutes before the battery dies! lol Cheers, Justin
  8. Thanks, guys - glad you enjoyed it! Was quite a thrill to watch up close and personal! Cheers, Justin
  9. Hello All, The green heron can be a tough little bird to find and photograph - especially in true wilderness locations. While out fishing this past Friday, I was fortunate to spot this one. It would fly 50 feet down the shoreline each time it spotted me, eventually settling in a spot for a shallow water stalk and stealth hunt. After taking a few dozen images, I set the camera to video in hopes of catching some action. The little bird didn't disappoint! Pretty impressive to watch how quickly and accurately it strikes - then manipulating the fish to swallow it whole. Rideau River, Merrickville - August 7, 2015 (watch in 1080p HD for best quality) Cheers, Justin
  10. Thanks for sharing that story, Old Ironmaker. Yes, sounds like you are seeing otters. Although their name suggests it, fishers do not eat fish nor go in the water. Wonderful animals that it has been a pleasure to capture on my trail cameras. Will be checking on them this Wednesday - always exciting to see what I have caught on tape. Cheers, Justin
  11. Thanks, Chris. I figured the turkey throw-off's would only go to waste, so why not. Still can't believe the coyote was too spooked to come in for that fresh meat. The other times I have used either a frozen fish fillet or chicken breast. The smallest morsel of meat and they will find it. Cheers, Justin
  12. Outlaw - Although I spend a tonne of time in the woods (have hiked 194 km's in just the last three months) I have yet to ever see one. Quite elusive and very nocturnal. I have captured two different fisher in two separate locations. Both by either a swamp or creek. Saw lots of fresh tracks in this latest spot along the frozen creek, and since I had just cooked a turkey the day before (and was going to toss the neck/giblets) I decided to set it up and see what came in. Very cool little animals for sure... Thanks for watching. Cheers, Justin
  13. Hello All, Captured my best video trail camera footage of a fisher this past week. Very cool - and somewhat secretive animals - it is always neat to see their behaviours on film. A coyote showed up the night before, but unfortunately, seemed to be spooked by the trail camera, and never came closer than 20 feet. Here is the same fisher, filmed earlier in the week, trying to strong-arm my trail cam. Can only imagine what a bear would do! haha. (watch in 1080p HD for best quality) Cheers, Justin
  14. That must have been quite the sight to see, N.A.W.!! Could have been a protective mother....or just an ornery dude! lol I'm going to see if I can call one in with a predator call - worth a shot. I best keep a knife handy just in case Cheers, Justin
  15. Thanks for sharing your stories, guys. Love hearing about wildlife interactions and sightings! Cheers, Justin
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