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  1. Hey folks been a while since ive post on the board, hope all is well with everyone ! Im in the market for a new fish hut. I'm trying to get my hands on an Otter XT Lodge but it seems like they are next to impossible to come by in SW Ontario. EVERYONE is sold out, or does not have pricing yet! ( Middle of Dec. with no pricing ?!?! SMH ) I can get my hands on a full Clam Voyager Stealth package for about the same price as the Otter Lodge from my local tackle shop. But I really had my heart set on an Otter. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality between the two companies ??? The new poles on the CLams seem rather robust compared to my old Nanook. But I don't know how they compare to the square poles on the otter. Any help would be great !
  2. haha Its called "Beer Lifting" ... its actually a competition that multirotor hobbyist compete in. Check it out on you tube.
  3. They will WORK for perch.... but live is KING always.
  4. I have a none thermal Nanook. I just run one of those Mr.buddy single burner heaters. The wire frame ones. It will have the inside of the hut dripping with water after about 10-15 mins of running the heater on low. To me, the thermal ones just add extra weight and $$ . Not really needed.
  5. I would say your source was wrong. EA sports release FIFA for the PS4 / xbox one just this past month. Have you gone to Future Shop or EB games ?
  6. I feel the same way.... I bought a brand new boat last spring and used it a fair bit last year. This year..... 5 times maybe ????? That number might have changed if I had a tow vehicle. I sold my truck last winter and have yet to replace it. I hope to do that over the winter. I got into remote control helicopters and that took up a huge amount of time and $$ Plus we had a baby last year.. and that drained my time aswell, but once the boy gets old enough to go fishing, Im sure we will be out more.
  7. Thanks for the offer Mike, If I decide to go that route, Ill give you a call !!! Im really interested in the low end color unit. Its around $300 ... looks like a good deal .
  8. Go with the Terrova and be happy !!! I picked one up when I bought my new boat... I went with the Ipilot aswell.... Like its been said, the "spot lock" feature is worth the $$ alone. Trolling for eyes, the heading lock/cruise control feature is priceless aswell. I read reviews and the whole bit when looking for a new trolling motor, and from what I read, if your thinking an electric drive model... the Terrova is the only way.
  9. I have used a buddies ... well I should say, he used it and I got to watch as he caught 25 perch to my 3. All fish were TIGHT LIPPED and the only way to really know if there was a fish on your line was with a camera. I mostly fish for perch on the ice, so I think it would be a great addition. I really like the compact features of the micro screeens but for the $$ , I think I would want a 7" display Really... I want to find a LCD monitor suitable for negative temperatures and then buy just the camera system from Aqua-vu and set up my own display.
  10. Hey everyone Im looking at buying a system for this coming ice season and wanted to know what everyone is using ? I have thought about the micro systems and the "multi" system that you have to buy your own monitor for. Only issue there is finding a monitor save for cold temps. Does anyone have the micro cameras ? how do you like them ? Should I go with a color monitor or just black and white ? Thanks
  11. Its not really possible to kill something , take a picture , revive it, then release it. Not a double standard.... its a completely different sport. I'm sure you understood this prior to making your post aswell.
  12. THey will also be used to inspect the windmills in the dead of winter.
  13. I had invested appox 3 days of time into a fishing game on the PS3 .... I didnt have enough space on the memory card to save it, so i just left the console on for those three days. I was in the middle of reeling in a big one ( lol fisher man dont lie ) and all of a sudden the power kind of dropped off, lights dimmed, fan slowed down etc..... it didnt go off, or flicker.... it was just like someone has started a huge fan or something. I kind of thought " hmmm thats funny ??? " ... .then all was fine for about 10-15 seconds then out it went. Friends of ours own a driving range / ice cream / small restaurant, so when we realized the grocerie stores and variety stores had been picked over for hamburger buns , condiments , etc. We headed out there and had full range on ANYTHING we wanted .... so we took a few scoops of ice cream and a bag of buns and went home for a " BBQ Fest" as we called them. It was actually not that bad. Except for the 3 days of missed work.
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