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  1. Thank you. As simple as it was, I never even considered an 'A' and 'B' toggle.
  2. Due to the power demands of today's electronics and the use of multiple sonar units, many of us run a house battery as well as an electronics battery. Is there a single gauge available (2"-2-1/2" dia.) that monitors voltage for 2 batteries? Due to space limitation, this would be a great gauge to have. So, in short, I'm looking for 1 gauge with two volt scales on it.
  3. i'm assuming you've tried JB's?
  4. Whateer, that's got to be fun to catch!
  5. Looks to me like everyone had a great day!
  6. Looks like fun. Never focused on carp. Maybe I should give it a try.
  7. Any medium-heavy 7-1/2 ft ropd will be great. Look for something 12 - 20 lb capacity. The longer rod will be easier to cast.
  8. Probably best to remove the wood and inspect while at it.
  9. Thank heavens my wife and I got ours OK. Submitted electronically and got the cards about 6 - 7 weeks later.
  10. Another vote for Angling Outfitters
  11. Some businesses just lack the passion for doing things right!
  12. Be gentle but always good to lay out the ground rules.
  13. I've had no issue with Marathons. Have a tandem trailer and on 4th year now.
  14. Just before day light is what I like best.
  15. Nothin wrong with that answer where I come from!
  16. Just remember to take a reading on the compass first.
  17. Dave A

    Man Fined $3,000

    Make an example of him. Lock him up.
  18. Sunset Cove was great. Took our kids there for 8 years in a row. Safe beach, shallow walk out for quite a ways which is good for smaller children, (may have to watch for the occassional rocks ) Great Sunsets!, out of the wind etc from the lake and quick access to safe / calmer water when there are windy days. Good fishing in south end of Bay area, but it can be rocky so watch if you have your own boat,. A number of cottages to choose from, several on the water and others set-back. Docking available for your own boat and/or you can rent from them. Summer rates for a water front, 2 bedroom with screened in front porch (Cottage #5) were in the $1200 range for the week, but in this economy they may be negotiable. They are 'cottages', Not glamourous houses or settings, but we also tried places like the Waltonian Inn (out on the lake - newer, nicer looking) but there was no cottage atmosphere etc. We went back to Sunset Cove. Call and ask for Pia or Alfons @ (705) 752-2820 or (800) 563-4395.
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