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  1. Hack: I may head out that way in a week or so as I'm planning a run out to Chatham. Schedule is pending and won't likely know for another 3,4 5 days.
  2. 1 pair Scotty Rail Mount plates.Sold in Sporting Goods stores for approx. $70.00 each ($140.00/pr). No longer needed. Sold as pair only @ $60.00. South Mississauga, Curb Side pickup, Cash upon delivery.
  3. Sold as pair only. Fits round rails, For rod holders and any 'post' mounted Scotty accessories etc. Sold in Sporting Goods stores for approx. $20.00 each ($40.00/pr). South Mississauga, Curb Side Pickup Only, Cash on delivery
  4. 2 seat pedestals with Spring Lock retention system. 1 of model #1642008 - adjustable 22-1/2" to 29-1/2" height. 1 of model #1642005 - adjustable 13-1/2" to 20" height. $100.00 each or both for $180.00. These sell in Canada for anywhere from $190.00 to $240.00 each through businesses such as Boat Warehouse, Boat Owners World or Amazon.ca or Ebay.ca etc. These are left over, gently used extra's from previously owned boat. See attachements to this ad for detailed info. In south Mississauga. Curb side pickup and Cash only on delivery.
  5. Thank you. As simple as it was, I never even considered an 'A' and 'B' toggle.
  6. Due to the power demands of today's electronics and the use of multiple sonar units, many of us run a house battery as well as an electronics battery. Is there a single gauge available (2"-2-1/2" dia.) that monitors voltage for 2 batteries? Due to space limitation, this would be a great gauge to have. So, in short, I'm looking for 1 gauge with two volt scales on it.
  7. i'm assuming you've tried JB's?
  8. Whateer, that's got to be fun to catch!
  9. Looks to me like everyone had a great day!
  10. Looks like fun. Never focused on carp. Maybe I should give it a try.
  11. Any medium-heavy 7-1/2 ft ropd will be great. Look for something 12 - 20 lb capacity. The longer rod will be easier to cast.
  12. Probably best to remove the wood and inspect while at it.
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