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  1. Actually I did smoke a bunch.... favorite brine and smoked with Hickory wood chips. Soooooo delic!!
  2. Well, with lake Simcoe main lake being a bust this year I have been fishing a number of different lakes in the Haliburton's the past few weeks. The trips the past couple of weeks have seen amazing action with lots of Lakers and Whitefish caught. Humps and underwater points in 35 to 60ft using set minnow lines and small minnow tipped jigs have been the ticket! Remember to be safe out there and check the ice often as it can change quickly. Stay safe and Good Fish'n!.... Greg.
  3. I have great success with Dark Pumpkin and smoke coloured tube jigs and also X-Rap and Husky jerk jerkbaits working rock/weed areas in 5-10ft of water. Good luck!
  4. Hi Caster.... all my Fridays and weekend dates are fully booked until mid Sept so only booking week dates now. I have Sept 5th and 20th avail for a weekend date.
  5. I had a guide trip on lake Simcoe today and man was it a hot one out there... especially with hardly any wind. That did not seem to bother the big smallies as they were cruising on all my spots I hit today. At one point we had 4 big smallies cruising under the shade of the boat! We got some real giants today and the key to getting them to hit was really long casts away from the boat as the big fish spook and will not hit near the boat. Here is a sample of the kind of tanks that hit today! Be safe and Good Fish'n.... Greg.
  6. Hi Sofabed, all Fridays and weekends are booked up to the end of August so only booking weekdays now. I have lots of dates avail in Sept including w/e's but they will all fill.... I will PM you.
  7. I had 2 guide trips on Balsam lake this weekend and like the weather the action was hot! In fact on Sunday we boated 15 nice Walleye and lots of Smallies and a nice Pike. Sat. we also boated good numbers of Walleye and smallmouth. The Walleye were all caught jigging grubs and minnow style plastics on deep weedlines throughout the lake. Here is a typical Walleye one of my customers caught on Sunday. On the Sat. trip I had 4 guys out and they all caught a few fish including this pig smallmouth that crushed a jerkbait. We were catching our bass on tube jigs and jerkbaits in 4- 10ft of water with rocks and scattered weed clumps. Aside from all the fish we caught the highlight for me was the gourmet lunch my customers brought in a monster cooler.... even ate on china plates!! Stay safe and Good Fish'n.... Greg.
  8. Hey Mister G..... I have been tying and using black bucktail jigs for nearly 30 years now too! They have accounted for 100's of Kawartha Walleye over the years and are still a very effective presentation.
  9. Good luck on Balsam Sofabed!..... I have done a few trips on Balsam this year and the fishing has been very good using the methods/locations I described. In fact both Walleye pictures in my post were from Balsam lake
  10. Fishing success on my guide trips have been producing great catches of both Walleye and Bass the past few weeks. The water temps and weed growth is up and the fish are setup and biting! Although we have caught lots of Walleye on Jerkbaits and crankbaits the most productive pattern remains jigging the points and inside turns of deep weedlines.... especially those close to a hard bottom. Both minnow style and plastic grubs on 1/4oz heads in natural colours are producing well. We are also starting to find Walleye schooled up on deep rock shoals now with both grubs and dropshot rigs working well. On a recent trip this young lad fishing with his Mom caught his 1st Walleye ever.... he then proceeded to land many more that day along with some smallmouth bass.... I just love getting kids out and teaching them how to fish. We have been getting a good mix of different size classes on various Kawartha lakes. Smallmouth bass action has also been hot with tube jigs, dropshots and jerkbaits accounting for great catches. I have really been impressed with Rapala's new Shadow Rap.....no matter how hard you jerk it it runs true and the side to side action in incredible and generates so many hits. Here is one of my customers with his personal best 5.5lb Smallie caught on the deep diving Shadow Rap. The lure has also contributed to some great finishes on tournaments so far this year. I concentrate on Rock/weed areas and rock shoals in the 4 to 12ft depths. See you on the water..... Stay safe and Good Fish'n!.... Greg.
  11. Yes the slot is making a huge difference.... over the past few years I am noticing we are boating so many more Walleye in the 20" + range in lakes like Sturgeon and Balsam which has been great to see.
  12. I catch a ton of Walleye ripping weeds with bucktail jigs and love using them also. I stick with 3 and 4" grubs and minnow style baits and find they work best.
  13. During one of my guide trips this past weekend we had caught a number of decent slot sized Walleye and some bass. On one of my casts with the jig and grub I felt the distinct "Thunk" as a fish inhaled my jig.....when I set the hook the fish started pulling drag so told my customers I have a Musky on....well, that was until I saw the huge head and white tipped tail then yelled for the net! This 8.5lb 31" Walleye is one of the biggest I have taken in the Kawartha's the past 6 years and was nice to get a quick pic of this prime breeder and get her back into the water. The fish hit a smoke coloured grub in 13ft of water along a deep weedline. Be safe and Good Fish'n... G.
  14. You know it Walleye72.... nothing fights better then a big Bronzeback for sure!
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