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  1. lol, suprisingly enough, no, I switch between thumb and fingers - thanks for checking the video out cheers
  2. Hey its been a while since I have been here.......im sure I rubbed a few the wrong way.......and I apologize for taking things a bit personal......for those who may remember, it was about a poster getting a light slamming over posting an out of season bass...........anyways.........cheers!
  3. man I must be talking chinese lol - read my post wise guys - why do you think COs are armed lol - and who said anything about a coarse fish "hierarchy" - if your trying to get a fish on the pin, why wade through water for suckers when you go to the piers and get carp up to 30 pounds............ hello o o o o! - suckers speaks volumes to me....... this thread is dead along with half the comments in it, and the OP moderators............where are you?
  4. are you kidding me....... wake up pal! suckers great fighters - I have to keep reminding myself, im on a weekend warrior forum of senco tossing bass anglers lol
  5. BCLT


    cause they are key board tough guys - next time lay the fish on some broken beer bottles! coming from a guy who uses a padded mat for landing carp! Heres one for you.......... its the law to stop at a stop sign...... do you think I should start taking pictures of people doing roll through stops? Ill keep my camera in my car, and take pictures then phone the police...... but then ill get a ticket for using a device in the car lol......hmmmmmmm
  6. if you dont get what im saying then you havnt been to bronte - to see the people that dont speak english, running through the water with nets, or flossing fish - filleting them and leaving piles of dead fish on the trails........ this is a food thing! Im not making excuses im replying to the OP complaint of no MNR - there is a reason why they dont go to certain spots........cause they dont want to get clubd in the head by some foreigner trying to put food on the table! Its the same thing as cops busting people for speeding instead of busting all the crack dealing gun slingers! Its a safety thing...........I have NEVER once seen a CO at bronte, petrocan or the bridges! As for the guys who claim the only reason theyre in the run tribs is for suckers...... nice try! When you cant fish the tribs, go get carp off the piers, suckers are a waste of time, unless of coarse your scouting and hoping for the odd bow to take worm lol
  7. exactly! these guys are jokes! not fooling me thats for sure
  8. Hmm this seems shady to me....... a ton of sucker fishing eh. I dont know one guy who fishes a pin, or spin for bows who TARGETS suckers...... are you telling me that if you nailed a bow, or a brown you wouldnt reel it in? Now I can agree with you about the cutting a hole in the fish for roe, that is brutality at its best......But Its rather convenient that this has been posted right after the lad who posted his bass! Ill tell ya man, I agree with you when it comes to poaching etc...... but sometimes you have to mind your own business..... are you a cop? are you a part of the ministry? As for the ministry there is a reason why they dont go to certain places where poaching is considered an everyday thing..... its because some cultures dont understand our laws and to them fish is food....... now have you ever tried to take food from a hungry dog? Not a pretty sight.... and its for this reason many COs dont go to these places........ why endanger themselves...if this wasnt the case they would be down at bronte all the time! Moving forward I see the ministry everywhere I go, and im out 5 days a week at least....... I have seen them at credit, bronte, hamilton harbour (laselle, pier 8, valley inn) Brantfords wilkes dam just to name a few............. You need to relax a little! Next your going to be asking people for the license lol
  9. BCLT


    Just saw this thread from FISHHERO with his bass and then several forum tough guys laying into him! Especially OakVilleBASSTOUGHGUY! First off the guy was not fishing illigally.......... if, and that is IF you happen to catch a fish out of season...... it is NOT illigal. Secondly your claim "fish should be returned RIGHT AWAY" is a joke at best........what defines right away. Its people like the ones wrapping off their gums to someone who was excited about a fish he caught......that give people negative attitudes towards serious anglers. Consider educating people who are making these mistakes in a way that is both positive and informative. This way they dont feel attacked and will possibly retain some information that is useful. Ex. That is a nice fish.... but to avoid possible problems you may want to consider releasing the fish "immediately" and not posting pictures of it until the fish is in season remembering to not include the date of which it was originally caught. EX That is an amazing fish, did you know............. yadayadayada I will be the first one to say that the people attacking him are no saints them selves. And to have us believe you have never caught an out of season fish, or taken a picture of one, or used a lure you know will catch an out of season fish is fooling no one but yourself. Relax a little..... support new anglers, educate them in a positive uplifting way so they retain your experience and knowlege and take something home that is useful, something that they can pass on. Im not trying to say you should accept the things missinformed or uneducated anglers do....... but embrass them and inform, and educate! Now you just got a guy whos p*ssed off......and with the way people are these day....if you run into the guy who knows what could happen when you talked to him the way you did behind a keyboard. Sorry if I offended you........but I call it like I see it!
  10. Hey fished with a buddy during easter - heres a short video, it was slow fishing but we got one. Considering the conditions it was good, even though I have had days of 15 fish in 5 hours! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21uYZ32Pr1E
  11. I would try anywhere! go to canadian tire, grab a couple ready mades...... go to a tackle shop and get some worms, and minnows and off you go..... just my opinion. Ask the locals of any spot near you, locals always help. Forum people with the exception of the few helpful guys commenting above me, arent going to tell you where to go........
  12. never had luck at fishmasters! but thats just me, I have heard tall tales of big fish!
  13. what I would do is hang up my hall monitor badge and let kids be kids! - thats like telling someone doing a roll through stop at a stop sign......."hey you didnt come to a full stop" Kids are going to do what they want, telling them "you dont want to get in trouble" is like telling a fat kid not to eat smarties...............pointless JMO shawn
  14. lorne, buddha, id love to check that place out when im heading to the cottage, is the fishing there decent? Thanks for replying
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