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  1. Congrats to all the guys that quit the nasty habit ! For me its been 27 cold turkey days ! Ive been smoking for 33yrs !
  2. Thanks guys ....i feel more relieved now !
  3. Two weeks ago i felt week and i felt dizzy,i got on the scale and i loss 30 lbs .I was scared shitless ,thinking the worse...the big c ,i have been smoking for 33 yrs and being a new father in sept..With a simple blood test ,i was diagnose with a hyperactive tyroid gland..thanks god The doc said .i was burning up more calories than what i was bring in . I will being seeing the specialist on feb7.. i was wondering if anyone ever got this and will i be taking pills for the rest of my life ! I also Quit SMOKING on jan 1 woohoo .
  4. Thanks everyone for the best wish's...mom ,Janzen and dad are doing well for first time parents !
  5. I would like to introduce everyone to our new fishing partner and son Janzen Tyler Joe . He came in at 6.9 lbs on friday at 12;34 pm .My wife is one hell of trooper and we hope to get him out fishing in a couple of years !
  6. Congrats to you both ! Five wks left for us !
  7. This trip will be the last one for the wife and me for a while as my wife is 61/2 months pregnant with are boy !
  8. Here's some pictures of our trip to quinte ! All the fish were caught on weedlines using cranks !
  9. The cover fits like a glove ! I like the the way it is even with the top of the box ! Thanks for posting !
  10. Thanks guys with all the options ! I just ordered the undercover flex this morning ! I noticed the bakflip g2 panals rub againest each other when you fold them together and that they lean up againest the back window ! Thanks SlowPoke for putting the pics up !
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