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Found 1 result

  1. .I mentioned earlier in the year we are relocating. We have an offer on a place in Chatham 2 blocks from the river, didn't get flooded last month. I have to tell you most all of that real estate in SW Ontario, Chatham-Kent, is the best buy in Ont. unless you go far north or north east of Ottawa. 1/2 hour from London and 1/2 hour from Windsor. Close to the 401 and 20 minutes from Erie. For a 3 bedroom, recent reno'd 2 1/2 bath, tastily finished rec room, recent reno'd kitchen, an in ground pool, central AC, 2 car garage, 70X120 foot lot in a quiet mature neighbourhood you are looking at 250K, maximum. Want a place with an indoor pool we recently saw? $280,000.00, maybe. Want a project? Less than $175.000.00. There are dozens on the market. For 300K you get a 3500 ft.sq. McMansion. The unemployment rate there is something like 30% with the closures of car plants and ancillary plants. The Thames River runs through town with great fishing.The Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and Erie are 1/2 hour or so away. For anyone wanting to retire this is value beyond great value. I feel for the guys out of work but that creates great bang for a buck. This is just a heads up for those retiring or downsizing. Out of work or very little work? Sell your home in Hamilton, Niagara Penn. or TO and buy 2 or 3 there and get into property management. Many students and workers commute to London. Even better value is New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We just got back from house shopping there. Unbelievable what you can get for 250Kor less. The 2 1/2 month summers are an issue though, unless you go south from Nov to April. We can sell here and get a place in Chatham or out East and a very nice place south and put the change in the bank. Just some information we have learned that I want to pass on.
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