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  1. Same night as this, there was a bad accident on stoney lake which people died. I had friends that knew those people. They were not anyone famous. No one cares about their names. Throw in the name O'Leary and there is an argument. Ask yourself why. Fishing forum people.
  2. Jeremy Pooler I personally know the guy who submitted the FOI request. He like myself are just a couple of guys that are trout crazy. The people I roll with respect the park and the fish in it. Only keeping to eat inside the park. Not to limit out and leave again and again. Who wamts to eat a 7lb brookie anyway? Take a pic and release. The only reason these lakes exist is the great lengths one must goto to get into these back lakes of Algonquin. Going to the press with this is only going to give others this idea to request under FOI. Should have left it alone and it would be a one off. Not everyone is as smart as my buddy.« less https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.pooler.3/media_set?set=a.10154017774431047.1073741830.685001046&type=3
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