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  1. Haven't been there myself, but some Google and nautical map research turned up this waypoint that appears to have several rocks and perhaps a lighthouse on the largest one: 44.99735666348745, -80.02715713958789
  2. Very cool. My parents live right around the 507 and 503 intersection as well. Those roads are definitely nice to drive with lots of great scenery to enjoy. Lots of ATV trails around as well if you're into that.
  3. My parents live up there. There are plenty of lakes to hit, and lots of species variety depending on where you head. Gooderham's not much of a town anymore, as many of the kids I grew up with stayed around and became best friends with meth. You've got the Lucky Dollar, gas station and liquor trailer in town, that's about it. Like someone else said, you'll be heading to Haliburton or Wilberforce for groceries. Aside from the meth heads and lack of convenience, it is a beautiful place full of lakes and wilderness.
  4. I use a similar-sized hut when I fish with my kids who are 6 and 8. You should be okay with heat, the only time we ever run into any sort of issue is when it's really windy outside. Usually if that happens I'll shovel snow onto the apron of the hut to seal it up and keep the wind out. If you're setting it up in the wind, put at least one anchor into the ice before you open it up. That way you have something to hook the hut onto, rather than trying to hold onto the hut with one hand while you try like hell to put an anchor in. Chased my hut across Simcoe one day after making that mistake... When I'm out with both kids, I'll usually set them up in the hut with a line each and one hole for the flasher. With three in the hut, I usually set up in a diagonal manner. Me in the middle with my back against the corner, one kid on each side. Congrats on the hut, they make a huge difference when fishing with kids.
  5. Did you look through Rock Auto yet? If you go look at Chevrolet -> Silverado -> Interior -> Window Regulator in their parts list, you can choose from anything from cheap to more expensive. I've got a 5% discount code (172944065157734877) that can be used until July 4th. Shipping usually isn't cheap, but a lot of times you can find closeout deals on cars 15+ years old.
  6. I don't spend too much time dwelling on what I've lost, but rather I see what my kids (8,6,3) lost during 16 months of very little interaction with other kids. I am excited that we can start to visit outdoors again with one other family very soon, and can't wait until we can have a gathering with a few of the families we used to get to enjoy spending time with. The kids need it.
  7. I found a bad ground in the fuse box on my Mustang. It's an odd little connector, the kind you'd go into a little electronics store and scour the shelves for, or just walk in and ask the knowledgeable guy behind the counter if he could identify it. I find the times when you just need something really small to be the most difficult to traverse with store closures. Need $25 worth of something generic and easy to identify? No problem! Need something very specific worth very little money? Yeah, good luck with that one.
  8. There are plenty of "so simple a kid could figure it out" things that fools can't figure out.
  9. Doing at home school right now, I have a three year old, a six year old, an an eight year old. Six and eight have done online learning all year long, and you're right, no interaction with friends is very hard. When restrictions have lightened, we've had playdates with our other bubble family. We chose to keep them at home because Six year old has bad asthma, and we felt we'd be keeping him at home often anyhow, given the self-screening for symptoms that everyone is supposed to do prior to school each day. We ended up removing our eight year old from online learning and homeschooling her for the year. Teachers have had a hard time (my sisters are both teachers) and many have busted their butts to try to keep the kids going, but the teacher my daughter had wouldn't budge from trying to teach it like an in-person class. What a total crap show. Kids in the class crying because they were stuck with a computer problem and the teacher wouldn't let them ask for help! I run an IT business, so I homeschool my daughter while I work, while my wife balances keeping the six year old on track with eLearning and keeping the three year old busy. It's hectic. Academically, they're doing alright, but they've gotta get back to being "in the herd" and socializing with other students... Our entire household is really hoping for in-school learning to return to somewhat-normal in September.
  10. I was speaking with someone whose sister is a nurse last week, and she said it is indeed staffing that is the issue at this point. A great deal of training goes into being able to service ICU patients, and we don't have enough of those staffers to service the available beds.
  11. The difference in vaccine rollout in Canada vs US is pretty stark. One of my clients lives in Pennsylvania, is in his mid 40's, and his entire family of 4 was fully vaccinated about 3 weeks back. Meanwhile, one of my Ontario friends who has a family of 5 is still battling a full-family COVID outbreak, which they think may have come from a pizza delivery. My buddy, who is in his mid 40's and in great shape, is about 2 weeks in, and had to call the ambulance 5 or so days ago due to respiratory problems.
  12. Some good points in that video re: recreational and commercial consumption limits. Hard to know what influences the regulations laid out in the guide.
  13. I found this site, https://5aught.ca/catalogue-suppliers.php?Zoom Bait Company&supplier=76 , that seems to carry Zoom worms. Checked the reputation, not a lot of information around, but does not seem like a scam site.
  14. I did my roof myself about 5 years ago, and my research pointed me to IKO being junk. I ended up going with Timberline HD in charcoal, and I'm happy with how they've held up so far.
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