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  1. Well I can choose not to go to this gathering (though i'm fully vaccinated), but unfortunately I don't know how to avoid the the thousands of illegal aliens they are letting in each day with a proven high covid rate which first get thrown together then shipped to areas all across the country.
  2. Im still having trouble wrapping my head around possibility that even though i'm fully vaccinated (which I am) I might not be allowed to drive to NW ontario this summer to fish in middle of nowhere. I get it if your not vaccinated stay out.
  3. Yesterday was year anniversary of Dr. Fauchis speech saying there was no need to wear a mask lol. Year later still way to many unknowns about the virus and the vaccines. If your waiting for 100% no risk you have a long wait.
  4. One thing we know about this from the beginning -NO one knows anything about this whole situation. Anyone who says different is delusional. This is uncharted territory, best anyone can do is make educated and uneducated guesses. ItalicKeyboard shortcut Ctrl+I
  5. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not advocating "open" borders. But with the advances in testing and vaccines certainly some relaxing can be done as I outlined.
  6. As a frequent fisherman to Canada from USA Im really really hoping this years trip is not canceled again. Im 70 yrs old and obviously dont know how much longer ill be able to travel. Last year I finally had my dream trip scheduled to upper Sunset Country.*been wanting to go since I read about area in OutDoor Life as a boy* I get completely the closing of the border to some degree. But one would think that a recent negative test would be sufficient to cross. Now with the great mobization of USA logistics (70+ million USA citizens already vaccinated versus less than 2 million Canadians )one would think proof of vaccination would suffice also. (Both Myself and wife already vaccinated and daughter should be by July). Here's hoping cooler heads suffice and something can be worked out this year. Here's hoping I get to visit the great country of Canada again this year.
  7. Hi, Just a tip. This site is known for its openess and willingness to share. You will probably get more responses if you name the lake. No one expects you to give GPS co-ordinates of your honey holes (though some will go that far even). Good Luck
  8. Great place. Was there three yrs ago . Food was great. Brian and liz fantastic hosts. Brian more than willing to give you tour of area point out some spots and some areas to avoid. If you like bass have him take you to portage lake -- never caught 2-4lb smallies/largemouths in middle of day when it was 90degrees before. Only reason I havent been back is the "boat in "thing . My wife likes to "go to town" on occaision and she felt little trapped.
  9. Welcome Kevin, I'll be heading up to your neck of the woods 2nd week of July(7th) (west nipissing resort) with my 13yr old grandson and wife. I find its always important to find fish quickly to get the trip off to a good start for him. Mainly pike and bass fishermen (fledgling muskie fisherman) total catch and release. Should I target pike or bass first to get off to good start? Thanks
  10. Fishing for pre-spawn smallies is not done by many fisherman, most too busy chasing other species. I fish NYC Reservoir system up in the Catskill Mtns (trout country)which has some of the best smallie fishing in the world. They start cruising the shallow inlets with muddy bottoms on sunny days shortly after ice out. Small Husky - Jerks are deadly ! Will be heading out Sunday as a matter of fact. Hopefully Ice is off.
  11. Thanks lovetofish and all others who have replied. Have booked stay at West Nipissing for w/o 7/7. Grandson is chomping at the bit. He loves our annual trips to Ontario.
  12. Thank You all for the great info. The OFC members never cease to amaze me with their willingness to share information! Thanks again and one more question if I may -- are the first two weeks of July a good time to use big bucktails for Musky on Nipissing or would I be better off with one of my myriad of other Musky lures?
  13. Well I have been member of two previous boards but havent been active past year or so.(back episode curtailed last years trip) Im 56yr old grandfather from lower NY/PA/NJ area. Have been taking my grandson yearly to Ontario for past five years .When my children were small made annual trips to 1000 Islands Area. Have fished upper French , northern Ontario . Am strictly catch and release and have been long before it was fashionable. Mainly target pike/sm bass and hopefully musky someday. Unfortanately cant contribute much to the board just soak up the knowledge.
  14. Planning trip to Lake Nipissing in July. Looking for info/opinions on West Nipissing Resort. Was at Lakair two years ago, loved the place but unfortunately my back went on second day, so I must rule out resorts with pull start motors. West Nipissing seems to have excellent boats. Any experiences from anyone greatly appreciated. Party consists of myself , wife and 13 yr old grandson. Totally catch and release , mainly bass , pike and hopefully musky will be targeted. Thanks in advance, everyones always been helpful on previous boards.
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