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  1. I'm stepping it up this year and grabbing a flasher. Those walleye on bay of quinte won't know what hit them. Actually they will cause my hook will be threw there head.
  2. Thanks guys for the info. My only wonder is if you place the measuring tape over the fish and its fat then you would get maybe an extra inch as opposed to placing the tape just right beside it. Anyways I'm adding 1 extra inch to every one of my fish lol
  3. Hey guys. Just wondering what is the official and correct way to measure a fish. Does the measuring tape go on the side of the fish and have it not touching it while its laying on the floor or do you put the measuring tape on top on the fish and hold one end at its mouth and the other at its tail. I think the correct way is to put the tape measure to the side of the fish. Thanks
  4. That must of been awesome to see it hit. Your lucky you didn't fall out of the boat lol
  5. Muskie fishing tomorrow at Buckhorn with my bro and niece. I'm pumped up

    1. James77


      We've had great luck on lower buckhorn this season!



      dont be scared to try for bass as well, the bite has been crazy!

    3. LostAnotherOne


      Brother and I landed a 19" and 20" largie. No muskies. We suck

  6. Nice day on the water. Could of got more:)
  7. Totally agree with you. $240 is almost the same amount as if you are caught texting while driving which is $280. Both in my opinion aren't even close, but the OPP has to keep people in check cause it does save lives. I also think they ran into the wrong OPP officer.
  8. Now that's a tank. Makes my PB 20" look like a goby. Nice
  9. Last year I think I caught a lot more so I think your on to something here bud. I will call the ministry of natural resources in the morning:)
  10. Thanks guys. Just wasn't cropping it small enough. Was hoping to get my 100" muskie in the picture, but I guess the fish was too big:)
  11. Having some trouble here guys. Like to have a picture of myself, but it keeps saying the pic is too large. Please and thanks
  12. Thanks guys for the replies. I love fishing for muskie, but only have caught 5 of them so far. Caught a 38" muskie two weeks ago which was awesome. Spring time and fall are my favourite times to head out. Everything seems to be active and I'm usually out about 3 times a week. This winter will be my third year ice fishing. We head up to Lake Simcoe for perch once a week, but getting tired of dink after dink so the plan this year is to head up to Bay of Quinte and hopefully beat my personal best walleye (20"). Take care
  13. Hi there boys. I'm new to this forum and was looking for some lessons on how to fish. I'm recently a single girl with blonde hair and about 125lbs. If anyone is interested in giving me private lessons just let me know. Just kidding . I'm a 32 year old male who enjoys fishing year round and I'm here to learn as mush as I can. Have a good one
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