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  1. Ok. What would u reccomend I use?
  2. Hey guys. Going to be in the general area of the Trent River in Hastings and was wondering what's in the river this time of year and what I should use for them as I have never fished that River or area . I will not have acces to a boat. Just shore fishing spots. Any help would be appreciated Thanks guys Tight lines
  3. Hey guys so here's the story. My dad drives a 18 wheeler and sometimes I go on trips with him. This time we picked up this load of FULLY ELECTRIC ice augers pretty sick Just thought I'd share this shipment valued at 30 big ones
  4. Rubbermaid has a garage garden tool corner rack that fits all my rods 18 + its like$20
  5. lol probably but although the liberals can barely take care of us right now its still good to se that he cares . don't forget the 2 billion he gave for world climate change
  6. the bigger ones do spawn and stay in the river especially here on the credit i see dead 1 footers all the time
  7. Not a political expert in any way but Trudeau isn't doing to bad of job for ex bringing 25000 Syrian refugees
  8. i just give my girlfriend a hundred and i get a 'thanks babe
  9. try a dropshot style with worms or corn . It produces on the river at least
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