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  1. fished tomorrow lake with my wife years ago, was slow by fly in standards but the cabin was nice and clean and the couch pulled out into a double bed - decided to head northwest. doing Melchett in July through Boreal Forest Outfitters
  2. i wouldnt know the first thing about repairing your television but I can definitely shed some light on a new TV. I have had almost every make of television you can imagine and I will only buy 4 brands at this point. they are samsung, sony, panasonic, or sharp. First you need to understand that MHz is the refresh rate of a television. The higher the refresh rate, the less blurry objects in motion will be. So for sports games and action movies a plasma t.v. is best, ill explain why later. Personally I will never purchase a tv with a refresh rate less than 120MHz. The bigger the tv, the higher MHz refresh rate you will want as its easier to see motion blur on a larger television. Now that we understand that we need to understand types of television, LCD, LED, or plasma. Which is better? Hands down a plasma t.v. is better for picture quality. The exception to this is if your are in a very well lit room with a lot of natural sunlight, reason being that plasma t.v.'s often have a lot of glare. Plasma t.v.'s used to get what was called burn in where if you watched the same channel often, certain images from that channel like the station logo (i.e. CBC) in the bottom corner would super impose on the t.v. and stay there forever. I have not heard of this happening on new televisions since technology has advanced so I wouldnt worry about that anymore. So what are plasmas good for? a t.v. room in your basement for movie watching and sports. I recommend Panasonic because they created the plasma and have perfected it over many years. To give you an idea of refresh rate, my 65" Panasonic has 660 MHz (plasma's always have higher refresh rates then LCD or LED.) Next LCD or LED, this is easy, LED is the way to go, LCD is an old technology now. What are they good for? Well lit rooms of course. I recommend Sony or Samsung. I have a 47" Sony Bravia from 6 years ago and have never had a single issue with it and everyone is always impressed with the quality. I also have a 32" Samsung in the master bedroom and know a lot of people with Samsung and we all seem to be happy with our t.v. In short put a Panasonic plasma in your theatre room, basement, or anywhere you don't have a lot of natural light. Put an LED in any other room you require a t.v. If you buy LED, make sure its at least 120MHz (the only exception to this rule is if you buy a very small t.v. like a 27" then maybe you can get away with 60MHz but i wouldnt risk it). Stick to Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, or Sharp. Hope this helps
  3. Well I have waited long enough to reply (wanted to see what the leafs final moves were.) Opening Night: JVR Bozak Kessel Kozun Kadri Lupul Komorov Santorelli Clarkson Winnik Holland Frattin Phaneuf Robidas Gardiner Reilly Percy Polak Santorelli and Holland may be switched. This leaves Ashton, Booth, Leivo and Franson on the sidelines I believe. What I think they needed to do: Resign Reimer because he has no trade value and he is a good backup when his game is on he can try to take over number 1 (never gonna happen). Improve culture. Change defensive and forechecking system. Upgrade bottom six players to personnel who can play more than three minutes a game and possibly add scoring depth. This would enable us to roll four lines and not have your first two lines play as many minutes so they still have energy at the end of the season. Getting enough guys on tryout to compete for jobs so your players never have a false sense of entitlement midway through the year is important. They need to continue to develop their youngsters and I think they needed to add defensive minded defenseman, and draft well in the first round. How they did: With the surprising outbreak of Kozun in leafs camp I believe our penalty kill likely to consist of Kozun and Winnik is leaps and bounds better than last year. As far as culture change; Well I am very happy with the new direction the Leafs seem to be heading and the changes they have made to the environment. They are changing the in game experience to be more exciting and less commercial/corporate when you go see a game live (change put forth by Shanahan). They have overhauled the assistant captains and assistant management (front office) with some of the brightest young minds in hockey today as well as some future replacements should Carlyle or Nonis meet their dismissal. They are now using the money they make to better there team by bringing in the top on ice operations people from Calgary and funding an analytics department made up of some analytical studs. It seems Carlyle has brought in a new defensive system, breakout, and forecheck which may be better suited to the current roster than it was last year. This is what I can tell from all the preseason games and the one practice I watched but only time will tell. They have replaced the bottom 6 forwards with more hockey talent then braun. Im sure orr and McLaren will clear waivers so if we need them they will still be called up. We quite possibly drafted one of the most talented players in the draft in young William Nylander, and I am very happy to see him sent back to Sweden, Modo to be precise. This league excels at developing young players, he really just needs to gain some size and not try to do everything himself in some situations, he will be a leafs staple in 2 years time. I was impressed at some of the depth of talent in the organization. The marlies have had a great team the last few years and it showed. Carrick, Bodie, Holzer, Smith, and Biggs will all likely make it to the big leagues one day. And Kozun, Percy, and Leivo had a great showing and seem to be poised to make the team or at least be a constant call up this year. Bringing in Polak and Robidas will help settle the blue line down and provide some great mentorship for the youngsters on defense. Furthermore, we now have an equal number of left handed and right handed shots which will help Dion Phaneuf the most. Getting him back to his natural side will help him get the shot off quicker in the offensive zone. More importantly it should eliminate a lot of his sloppy giveaways since he will have more options coming out of his own end on the breakout while on his forehand. They resigned Reimer which is good. Maybe he will play great and up his trade value so he can be dealt midway or maybe he will push Bernier to keep the starting job. I don't believe Reimer has the ability to be Toronto's numero uno but healthy competition is great. All in all I would say I am happy with the changes made so far. Everyone can say that they needed to get a number one centre or offload Phaneuf but I assure you those are near impossible deals to come by and offloading your captain after a terrible season doesn't make much sense when his trade value is at its lowest. The youngsters keep developing. Gardiner is poised to make a big jump up the stat sheets this year, and if Reilly can just avoid a sophomore slump that's great for them. Kadri trained hard in the offseason and worked on his faceoffs and his quick shot release so hopefully we will see a jump in icetime and production from his line as well. That's all I can think of for now, hope you enjoyed the read whether you agree or not!!!!! GO LEAFS GO Prediction: Leafs miss the playoffs by one point, However it won't be because of a late season collapse or after Christmas skid. -pairofgreenhorns
  4. What a great report, thank you for taking the time to post it. This has now been added to the bucket list.
  5. Great river adventures is an excellent charter for the Fraser river. Glad to see you had fun. 10 in a day is pretty amazing. Caught two when I went but one being 230lbs. is still the biggest fish I have ever caught. Definitely an experience everyone should try
  6. This is too funny jedimaster, last August my girlfriend and I caught one 5'7" and one 7'7". The funny part is it was out of the exact same boat with the exact same guide John. It too was an unforgettable experience. I posted a trip report on here also of our trip. I too loved the sea to sky highway
  7. Thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great time
  8. 2 years, 5 months for me. One of the toughest things i ever did. Quit cold turkey. Good job to you all
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a report about which bodies of water are the cleanest/purest, or perhaps more importantly which lakes produce the healthiest fish? I had heard somewhere that Simcoe was up there but wanted to read up. Any and all info is welcome. Thank you for your time folks!
  10. Some good responses in this thread, bushart makes a great point on difference of views, and great topic manitoubass2
  11. sweet pic at the end there. looks awesome. well done on the mod!!!
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