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  1. Hey Fellow FisherPeeps, After 4 years of not getting to have a holiday, I'm finally going to a Lake to fish. I get 5 days on Mill Lake near Parry Sound. Normally I love figuring out lakes but since I have such a short time to spend there this time, I'm hoping maybe some kind folks who might have experience fishing this lake can offer some pointers. I tried to hire a guide that works in the area but he is booked. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be bringing my own boat and could trailer it to a nearby lake, but obviously it's a lot easier to hop into your boat from the dock a few feet from your cottage. Thanks so much for any advice . Warm Regards
  2. Walleye/Pike/Bass. A friend of mine says he goes in early August and does fairly well. I don't need huge size. Just some family fun with the kids. We'll give it a go.
  3. Tomorrow I head up to Lake Nosbonsing for a week of Holidays / Fishing / Relaxing. This will be my first trip to this lake. I was able to rent a private cottage on the lake. It will be my first time on a new lake in 15 years, having previously fished Tomiko Lake for most of my summers since early 2000s. The weather is looking hot but not to rainy. It will be fun to cruise around and see new water and learn new spots after pretty much figuring out Tomiko and only hitting the 6 or 7 spots that I know produce fish. I will have to learn to read my graph again, not just my GPS. A good friend of mine fishes there and suggested I stop in and visit Henry at Birch Hill Camp. Buy some bait and tackle and pick his brain a little, so I'll probably do that. I got my boat all ready to go this week. New batteries, Oil Changes to car and boat. Repack bearings in trailer. All new brakes on tow vehicle. Hopefully I won't have any issues. Big thanks to DAN D. for help getting my car and boat ready for my trip. I feel a lot better knowing I'll be safe. Hopefully I can update this thread with pictures of fish and fun! I haven't been very active on this board for a few years. Hopefully this post changes that. See you all in a week.
  4. Manitou Bass or Art, Why does that knife in your pic not have a pointed end? What's the reasoning behind that shape?
  5. Okay, border stories. I have one. Now this is from 1992, so obviously things have changed a good deal in the 20 + years since this happened. My good friend and I drove to Halifax, NS in April after finishing our first year of university. I have a large extended family out there and he had never been so an inexpensive way to visit the East Coast. We decided to drive through the USA to save some money on gas and also because he wanted to see Lake Placid. We get to the border at Calais, USA / St. Stephen. NB. We pull up at about 4 in the morning and there is nobody around. Like deadsville!! If it happened like this today you'd think you were in a zombie movie or something. but I swear there was no one anywhere. What do we do? Do we just go through. No I'm pretty sure we can't do that. Okay we get out to investigate. Now this border crossing is no Windsor/Detroit or Peace Bridge but it's not tiny either. There's this big building on the left with huge 10 foot tall windows going all across the length of the building.(A glass wall is what I'm trying to say. ) Oh there's the door. Let's go in. It's locked. You have to be freaking kidding me. Now remember, we're both just 20 years old and this is our first major road trip by ourselves. Anyways finally I bang on the window with my fists to make some noise. The place is way too big to knock. Finally a uniformed person comes out from behind somewhere and come's over to the door. Hi, where ya headed. Halifax. Okay, drive safe. I'm totally not exaggerating, that was it. We got back into the Chevette and drove on.
  6. David Price signs with the Boston Redsox. 7 years $217 million. Wow! A million dollars a game roughly. LOL. It was fun while it lasted and I think it's exactly what the Jays needed to get the city and possibly the country back into baseball. Next year will be interesting. The executive is still building the team. I think we need one more pitcher but we'll see.
  7. Realistically, I don't think Toronto has much of a shot at signing Price anyways. They could pony up $200 million dollars + and he would probably still elect for a US team regardless. At this stage in his career, there are so many factors Price is considering, the money is just one component. Signing on to live in Canada wasn't likely on his agenda. I am very interested to see what team Price chooses, but I doubt Toronto was really ever in the picture.
  8. Definitely!! That Friday timeslot is the absolute worst in that regard! "Hey Honey, let's get some donuts and a coffee and then go to the Jays game." Give me a break!!
  9. I don't get why all the playoff games have to have their own time slot. Who's going to watch a 12:30 game on a Friday in the USA? How much revenue can there be in that early afternoon game? Let the markets have their own Premium time slots early on. Then for the final four, each game gets it's own time slot.
  10. Warm Spells ?? Like when it warms up to minus twenty for a few glorious days. LOL
  11. I'm sure it won't be a problem but you can't have more than 120 minnows in your possession at a time.
  12. Wow. Double Header in Baltimore tomorrow, Sept 30. Games at 4:05 and 7:35. Gonna watch both. I see chicken wings in my future. LOL!!
  13. It's amazing what we can do with imaging. Congrats. I hope it all goes well.
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