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  1. It was many summers ago, but I camped out of Rene Brunelle Provincial Park on Remi lake, which is I think is about 20 min East of Kapuskasing. Out of our canoe we chucked spoons for big pike around the islands and narrows in the Southern end of the lake. Talked to some guy who said good walleye can be found on shoals but we were blind and this was before any of us had the navionics maps (back then I don't think the app existed lol - I had a siemens phone). He also said there was a smaller lake with a creek between there and Kapuskasing that held small brookies but we never ventured out there and I don't recall the name. Never went into town itself so couldn't speak to the river. I imagine it would hold pike and walleye.
  2. Was going to my local Sail to stock up on a few things to get ready for spring run rainbows; sinkers, swivels, gapped hooks, leader material 4-6lbs. I'm usually successful using worms, blowing them up with a little air to make them buoyant, then thought...maybe a floating jig head will work. Asked dude working the counter and, bam, so many ways to rig for rainbows from floats to drop shot to three way swivels. How do you rig up for your spring run rainbows? Thanks, Reef
  3. l was up at Canal over the weekend. Lake still frozen over, trent waterway was wide open. Ice moved around a few stump fields, will have to mark when boating season begins. Water was low...they usually adjust the level in May.
  4. I've done the lugging a battery through the bush many a time...not fun. Word to the wise on the four-strokes: when transporting or even when setting it down be sure to lay it down where the markers indicate. If done improperly oil will leak out of the crank case and can cause problems firing it up. Happens with my 9.9 merc four stroke if not stored upright.
  5. Braid to flouro leader. You could do straight braid but them spring time pikes love splicing braid. Uni-to-uni knot between the two lines, rapala knot to the bait for the extra action. Reef
  6. That was awesome. I've dropped so many things down an ice hole you would think I'd be a great basketball player.
  7. Charged not convicted, so there's a presumption of innocence here on both charges. I can see the argument if you've made the decision to get in the car but if the driver makes a bad/reckless judgment call like says "hey lets try and skip this open patch of water over there" and start gunning for it, what are you going to do? I don't know all the details so don't want to comment more; condolences to the family of the lost
  8. At first I thought one of those fish is flopping into that open hole (my luck); nice it came back the other side
  9. Beauty! Love seeing these boats around GBay, tough for sure. Congrats on the purchase.
  10. My folks are in the Kawartha's closer to Lindsay and also have xplornet. They don't have many complaints maybe during a heavy downpour. Can't speak to it during the winter as they are snow birds, living the dream. We cut the telephone cord for them and got them the Magic Jack that hooks up to your computer, assigned a Toronto area number, saves a ton of $$$ also when they go down South in the winter because its a local call for us. Look into it.
  11. I would also check out Lac Kipawa. There are many lodges to choose from with American plans. The main lake is very big, great laker and walleye fishing. Ask your operator if there are any guided back lake pike options. I went a few years ago with Eastview Cabins (sadly I think they are out of operation as I don't see their site on the www anymore). George, owner of Eastview who was also in his 80s, walked us into back lake chalk full of pike. (Guy was a beast - ran a lodge, walked us through the bush and oared our butts around the lake all day even though we pleaded with him for one of us young guys to take over, more pleading with him just to pick up a rod and catch a few with us, took us out one morning to introduce us to laker fishing and even let us borrow gear for our week stay! Amazing man) I swear it was a pike every cast with a large spoon. Some were giants but the majority were healthy 6-8lbs. Word to the wise, should you choose Kipawa, make sure you get your non-residence license and stay within all size/slot/keep limits. They don't mess around with enforcement up there - they'll board you with a german shepard and measure your catch, happened to us and heard it happens often.
  12. Good on ya Dave representing the True North Strong and Free! Still looking for my 50 inch Georgian Bay Musky, can never beat the 47 mark. Still trying to get my girlfriend on any sized-ski (for all the hours I put her through with only pike to show lol). 15inch perch do exist, out of all places I got once bass fishing on Canal a few years ago. Had a forehead on it. Agreed, saltwater fish are a different alien...headed down to Florida in December, can't wait! While those silver kings are a hoot I spend my time chasing Spanish mackerel, tasty buggers if you can get in them.
  13. Cool catch. I was up on the Pickerel last year about 3rd week of October and the water was higher than I've experienced too. Also a tough fish, managed one ski that was under 30 inches trolling a 10 Jake.
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