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  1. Swimbaits for Pike

    I've been using 5-6 inch shad style swim baits past year with success. Berkley Powerbait Flatback Shad or a YUM Money Minnow. If I want to twitch the bait higher up in the water column and let it flutter I'll rig it on straight worm Wide-gap 5/0. Get it down farther with a 3/8 ounce jog head up to 1 or 2 ounces if you want to get it down to the bottom. Make sure your hooks are heavy gage. I've had bad luck with the prepacked swim bait rigs, straightened hooks and what not. You'll also want to tie on a quality leader for the toothy critters. Reef
  2. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    Yup, regs say Lakers open 3rd Sat. in May - none between 40-55cm.
  3. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    Thanks Garnet. Going to rig my salty holder just for trollin'. Good tip.
  4. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    Awesome vid Ohio! Those smallies will be OOS but glad to see the pumpkinseed stacked like cord wood
  5. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    Thanks Bill. I'll put some Williams' and Mepps syclops in the bag o' tricks. Seems like the consensus is they'll still be up shallow. I thought the same Akri, weird there's pike all around but this one. Just lookin' out for other species besides perchin.
  6. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    Thanks fellas. Akri, from what I've read online there are no confirmed pike in the lake. Otherwise I'd be bombing those warm bays long casts on a twitch and stop retrieve. Jimmer, that's what I'm looking for bud. Just general techniques - never fished for lakers this early in the season especially out of a yak with no electronics. My feeling is they'll still be in the upper 25-30 feet water column. Was also thinking of trying a 3 way rig, heavy bell sinker on the bottom and a stick or crankbait running 4-6foot back. Regardless, after a long winter and spring of not getting on the water much I'm actually looking forward to perching; love a good perch taco feed. Makes good competition between me and the GF too (even though im mostly baiting and takin' em off the hook). Keep em coming boys. Old school early season laker and whitie techniques welcome - before the time we could see them on our fancy gadgets lol. Reef.
  7. Good day all, The long weekend upon us, I have been invited to cottage on the North end of Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area - near Ahmic Lake). Been doing a little internet research and note the lake has a population of Perch, Smallmouth, Lake Trout and Whitefish. Smallmouth are out of the equation as they will be OOS. I'll be low tech, fishing from a yak no electronics besides the Navionics app. Can anyone advise info on surface temps? Practically I'll be targeting perch with worms in the warmest bays, but wouldn't mind trying my stick at lakers or whitefish (maybe a tall task with no sonar but I'll give it a shot). Going in "blind" so-to-say, how would you approach targeting lakers and whitefish this time of year. Please feel free to PM. Anyone who's asked me of info the past can attest that I share my knowledge with members via PM and I'm a vault when it comes to specifics unless I'm the first-hand experiencer. Many thanks in advance, Reef
  8. Travel rod recommedations

    The fenwick will suit you just fine. My two cents would be to bring a reel that holds the most line it can with a decent drag system. Salt water species are a different beast and can peel line in a blink of an eye if you tie into a good one. First time in Florida with my Canuck set-up got spooled by a medium-sized Jack that left me speechless, even the small ones will test you. Also, heavy mono or floro leaders, them teeth will slice right though braid like butter.
  9. Nice Fish! Love this water. Thanks for sharing
  10. Port Severn Accommadation suggestions.

    http://muskeys.ca/ Their rates are posted. We had a tough fish there (late September) but mind you were targeting ski's all day so it's always a tough fish lol. Had a good rip trolling jakes close to weedbeds but came off soon after the initial bite. Eyes (fewer numbers in recent years) and decent smallies love current, without divulging too much info (specific spots). Live leaches do well there. I'm sure you gents can figure it out. Best of luck!
  11. Port Severn Accommadation suggestions.

    Musky's is convenient, right off the highway, decent launch. It's more of a roadside motel, so you'll be hearing the 400. Stayed there 3 or 4 years ago for $99 a night with boat rental which to us was a deal. There was (when I was there) a few BBQs you can use. FYI if you rent a boat they want you back well before sundown (during prime-time low light hours - got a good reaming by management for coming back at dusk lol). Reef
  12. Skunked Again!!!

    A day fishin' is still better than a day working. I would try finessing your presentation to soft plastics and slower presentations - ie, senkos and dropshotting leach/minnow imitations. If that fails go to the roots: Worms!
  13. Moon River Woods Bay

    Akri has been doing better than I have apparently lol! Good shootin'. I was without the benefit of sonar on this trip; rented a tinner from Moon River Cottages and relied on my handheld GPS with hotmaps as we were backwoods camping. I'll second Akri, move off the shore to structure to locate fish. Talked to some guys at camp down in Arnold's and they laid a beating on pike apparently. We weren't so lucky on the snakes. Just for fun, if you're down that way, the falls are absolutely furious this year. Cool to check out. Strongly advise against swimming there, the locals were warning not too. Tight lines.
  14. Moon River Woods Bay

    Reporting back rockhard99. I was on the moon this past weekend (August 26-27) coming on blue bird skies, high water levels and wind around 5-7km from the west. Started by following earlier reports that the bass were up right up against shore, which I found to be vacant of fish. Moved out to off shore rock structure in 5-8 fow and started locating a mix bag of smallies and largies. Best fish was a small jaw pushing 4.5#. Average size were 1-2 Lbs'ers. Love those GBay green trout, certainly have shoulders on them. They were eating leech imitations (slammers) on a drop shot 12-14 inches off bottom. Braided line with a 3-4 foot floro leader was needed to detect the bites. This was concentrated in the Iron City Bay area. Put in a few hours of musky/pike trolling in IC bay, Captains Allen's, even went into the fabled Blackstone with out a sniff (didn't have my yellow jacket). Got a good wash on the lures. Love the area, tough fish sometimes. Reef