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  1. The jingle jangle..Good tip Porkpie; I can see a lot of uses for the elastics. OI, I agree...I usually have rod in hand to feel the strike but like to put it down in the holder when having lunch on the troll and steering the tiller at the same time. Thanks fellas.
  2. Looking for a safe way to use my casting rods to troll in a salty s-10 rod holder; dang plastic trigger on the underside doesn't allow for setting the rod in the holder behind the reel seat. Don't want to put the rod in the holder above the reel on the blank because that's asking for the rod to snap like a twig. Maybe below the reel? (full cork grip probably fine but split grip? probably will be riding the blank). If below the reel, put a higher angle on the rod so she don't go over board on a sudden stop? Thanks for your insight. (FYI I anticipate the easy answer is buy proper trolling rods lol better half will laugh when I say I need to buy MORE rods) Edit: Also if anyone has any tips on getting rid of the jinglejangle noise when theres no rod in the holder and the boat is vibrating from the motor lol Reef
  3. Very cool colours. Thanks for sharing
  4. Spent entire summers there (Polish family). Lew's right about Wilno Tavern...check it out. Kaminiskeg is a great bass fishery. We also did well with lakers down rigging gang trolls with a minnow threaded on the end.
  5. Love the DIY slot bump board. Nice pics.
  6. See nothing wrong with keeping your limit and staying within it; especially on Erie. Nice haul!
  7. Looks like an awesome week with a great mixed bag. Thanks!
  8. Nice greaser. Well done.
  9. Fished the Moon on Sunday. Water was highest I've seen in years so extra caution was taken boating around. Deer flies were out in force, little buggers had an ankle feast. The fishing was on-fire: between me and my gal we caught about 30 smallmouth between 2-4lbs all through the day, average was around 3lbs albeit no nickles on this trip. Drop-shotting flukes and slammers was the ticket. Sometimes you would be reeling one in and there would be one or two smallies following with your hooked up fish, just awesome. Lots of great acrobats, hooked fish had a knack for jumping and spitting the hook which was fine with me as we were pure C&R. We trolled muskies for a bit catching 4 northerns. All was had in the main basin around islands. Just use the grip to weigh and measure (this smallie was a hair under 3lbs and 18inches - about the average for the day) or on-hook unruly northerns in the net.
  10. My folks live on the lake and I fish it at least once-twice a month. There are big bass in Canal. Both smallies and largemouth. The pike population cooled off a bit from years before. Walleye are pretty much non-existent; I've caught maybe 5 the past ten years. It's a shallow lake so the best fishing is on overcast days; bright blue-bird skies like we had this past long weekend the fish will be buried in the weeds hiding from the sun. It's an awesome lake if you're bringing kids for pan fish as they are everywhere and non-stop action with a simple worm under a float.
  11. In the fall I find the pike are usually moving back inshore. That said, that's still a tonne of water to explore. I'm sure there would be some big gators out in the main bay chasing bait balls. Trolling for them is the only way I found to have consistent bite on the moon (consistent used loosely as anyone who fishes the moon would know). I've caught a few hammer-handles fishing pencil reads for largies in less than 5 fow. The big ones I've only got trolling. Muskies, well, good luck to you. They are far and few in between but when you get one its usually a fatty that'll make your knees weak. Looking to get out there this weekend should everything pan out! Can't wait.
  12. Thanks John B I'll pass then info along. Good luck with the sale
  13. What's the total weight of the rig? Does the trailer have breaks? Friend is looking for a side console but is worried about the towing capacity with his FWD 2.0T Audi. Nice clean looking boat.
  14. Harder to target in the summer as they disperse into heavier and deeper weeds. In the summer my go-to crappie bait is a jointed rapala minnow J05 in either fire tiger or yellow perch pattern. Slow retrieve over 5-8 foot weed in 10-14 fow. Light action rod with a lot of give so you don't come up with nothing but lips on the hook set lol.
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