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  1. Fish online map is a good place to start https://www.gisapplication.lrc.gov.on.ca/FishONLine/Index.html?locale=en-US&site=FishONLine&viewer=FishONLine Fox Lake, Huntsville: Black Crappie, Cisco, Bullheads, Large and Small mouth bass, Pike, Walleye, various pannies. Good mixed bag lake.
  2. Jig and minnow. Was there in the fall last, I'm primarily fishing for muskies tho, water was pretty high. If you can find current and new weeds you're golden.
  3. 1-877-847-7667 Ontario MNR Tip Line
  4. Anyone fish the area recently can tell me where the lakers are holding? Headed up this weekend...high waters, rain, late ice-off and cold temps have me guessing.
  5. It's been some years but I used to fish Baptiste quite a bit. Live frogs, even frog imitations worked well on bass.
  6. These guys and The Animals are the only two CDs I need in the boat.
  7. I'd focus on a smaller Kawartha lake with the kiddos, lots of good fishing and I'm sure finding a family friendly resort is only a google search away. Personally, my favourite camping within two hours of the GTA is the moon river area. https://moonrivercottages.com/ Bill will set you up right; always has a reliable boat on hand - not sure if he does pontoons. Good luck
  8. Stayed here on one occasion for a weekend. Only caught small mouth, nothing big. It was pretty tough with artificials, had more luck using live worms.
  9. Headed to a cottage around Kearney this May 2-4 and was reading they got whitties in there. Never targeted them. Water should still be cold come a few weeks. What depths would they be holding at? Any preferred presentations? I'll be long-line trolling for early season lakers (stocked) so hoping to tie into an incidental whittie. Thanks fellas, Reef
  10. Try using a search bait to find them. I like a rapala J05 in fire-tiger. Fan cast an area and once you've caught one, zero in on the spot with micro jig under a slip-bobber. On my home kawartha lake, they could be anywhere this time of year as much of the vegetation and bottom structure is similar. Warmer bays on the west and north side of a waterbody I feel warm quicker.
  11. Hit opener this weekend. I arrived at my spring run spot as the sun was rising around 5:30am, guys were already there lining the banks. River was high, fast and dirty. My usual bottom bouncing rig with a blown up worm was of no luck, moved to a tied bag...45 min into I land a nice eater sized rainbow. That was it. Nobody else landed anything that I saw, packed up around noon.
  12. It was many summers ago, but I camped out of Rene Brunelle Provincial Park on Remi lake, which is I think is about 20 min East of Kapuskasing. Out of our canoe we chucked spoons for big pike around the islands and narrows in the Southern end of the lake. Talked to some guy who said good walleye can be found on shoals but we were blind and this was before any of us had the navionics maps (back then I don't think the app existed lol - I had a siemens phone). He also said there was a smaller lake with a creek between there and Kapuskasing that held small brookies but we never ventured out there and I don't recall the name. Never went into town itself so couldn't speak to the river. I imagine it would hold pike and walleye.
  13. Was going to my local Sail to stock up on a few things to get ready for spring run rainbows; sinkers, swivels, gapped hooks, leader material 4-6lbs. I'm usually successful using worms, blowing them up with a little air to make them buoyant, then thought...maybe a floating jig head will work. Asked dude working the counter and, bam, so many ways to rig for rainbows from floats to drop shot to three way swivels. How do you rig up for your spring run rainbows? Thanks, Reef
  14. l was up at Canal over the weekend. Lake still frozen over, trent waterway was wide open. Ice moved around a few stump fields, will have to mark when boating season begins. Water was low...they usually adjust the level in May.
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