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  1. Reef Runner

    Kawartha Muskie Week

    Nice Fish.
  2. Reef Runner

    GBay/Moon River Fall Conditions

    Fish the moon quite a bit but haven't been able to go out this fall. Best bet is West of the straight. Rock piles for smallies, I drop shot a leach pattern. Got a few pike this year on husky jerks and blue fox inline spinners in weedy bays. Of the 10-12 or so years regularly fishing the moon only got 3 ski's, all trolling, downsized lures in shallow with deep water within feet. Biggest was a hawg of a 47 on a walleye diver inadvertently caught trolling for fall eyes, so lucky my line didn't break had the drag set really loose and tightened up because I thought I snagged the bottom then came the head shakes along with my knees. Was not wearing a yellow jacket at the time lol. Good luck.
  3. Reef Runner

    FM17 Walleye Regs

    Thanks for the guidance fellas. I was reading the regs and exception in congruity...aka thinking I could only keep three between 35-36cm lol better make sure that tape measure is accurate. Over/under Balsam slot, from what I'm understanding, good to go. Thanks for clearing it up.
  4. Reef Runner

    Some Nipissing Musky

    Just awesome.
  5. Reef Runner

    FM17 Walleye Regs

    Hello all: Quick question on Balsam walleyes: FM17 regs S:4, must be between 35-50cm, Balsam exception S:3, cannot be between 37-55cm. Therefore, if I'm reading these right, I can keep 3 cigars between 35-36cm? That's a tiny window. Sporting license of course. Let's not turn this into a guys keep 'em anyway and locals do this and that. Just lookin' to stay legal on the long weekend. Thanks a bunch. Reef.
  6. Reef Runner

    Trying to improve on Balsam this year

    Awesome! Glad to hear the lake produced for ya.
  7. Reef Runner

    South Lake - Minden

    Both Largemouth and Smallmouth as well as perch in the lake. If you're fishing with the kiddos bring worms and set them up under a float so it's a more interactive experience watching the float go down.
  8. Reef Runner

    29,000 year old fishing equipment found

    History rocks! lol cool find. Wonder how fishing was back then.
  9. Reef Runner

    HUGE muskie

    Without any measurements talk of world record is fruitless, me thinks that was a click bait move. Fish had Shoulders! Nice fish regardless! I've had to bear hug a slimmer or two in my day. It isn't "proper" handling but it happens, worse if he dropped the big girl. Looks like the fish swam away healthy. That's a dandy fish Lew, super clean.
  10. Reef Runner

    Moon River Basin

    Some clean looking smallies. Thanks for the report!
  11. Reef Runner

    Trying to improve on Balsam this year

    Working South Bay slow (1-1.5mph) with a worm harness will get you eyes and the incidental musky; depending which way the wind is blowing the bait will stack up in saddles drop-offs. If you have a graph you can see eyes hugging bottom. I've done well for pike/musky burning safety pin style spinner baits from the middle of the canal towards shore/islands through Mitchell, chartreuse and white and I usually tie on a stinger hook. The weeds get thick but they bury themselves and explode through the veg at times. Remember to figure 8, some of those ski's really like to follow or just appear from under the boat. Funny enough, my biggest eye from Balsam (29incher) came from trolling a jointed believer.
  12. Reef Runner

    Ontario fires

    Good to hear Akri. The lady at the little shop above the launch at Key river was always pleasant and hospitable. On a long haul back down to Toronto they let us check into one of their cabins after hours just left the lights on for us to lay our heads down and settle up in the morning. Good folks out that way!
  13. Reef Runner

    Ontario fires

    Very sad to see. Pickerel and the French were my yearly getaways later into fall for ski's. Rented a nice cabin on the Key just last summer. Hope all in the community are fairing as best they can.
  14. Reef Runner

    Walleye in FMZ17

    Of all the K lakes my home lake c a na l has seen the worst drop in eyes IMO. I've been there since '95 and even back then it wasn't a hot lake for them but they could be had on cranks and incidentals. Was reading in the "good ol' days" this place was an eye factory. Since '95 I've witnessed the pike move in, few years the pike were the dominant species, nowadays the sort of died down and it's become of soup of thick vegetation, panfish and bass. I've even caught bowfin in there which tells you how soupy it's become. They drop the water level in the fall quite a bit, mix in the pike, roaming carp and abundance of opportunistic pannies and the outcome is I can't buy an eye from here in the past 6-7 years. I always think maybe they's really tight in the veg where they cant be picked up on electronics so it makes them impossible to target, they went extinct in the lake or I really suck (which is a great possibility lol). But a slot on this lake wouldn't helpme thinks this is one of those lakes that eyes become only fairy tales.
  15. Reef Runner

    AKRISONERS - Semi Annual Year in Review 2018

    Nice shootin. Thanks for the report.