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  1. Reef Runner

    Best Pike Fishing

    I would also check out Lac Kipawa. There are many lodges to choose from with American plans. The main lake is very big, great laker and walleye fishing. Ask your operator if there are any guided back lake pike options. I went a few years ago with Eastview Cabins (sadly I think they are out of operation as I don't see their site on the www anymore). George, owner of Eastview who was also in his 80s, walked us into back lake chalk full of pike. (Guy was a beast - ran a lodge, walked us through the bush and oared our butts around the lake all day even though we pleaded with him for one of us young guys to take over, more pleading with him just to pick up a rod and catch a few with us, took us out one morning to introduce us to laker fishing and even let us borrow gear for our week stay! Amazing man) I swear it was a pike every cast with a large spoon. Some were giants but the majority were healthy 6-8lbs. Word to the wise, should you choose Kipawa, make sure you get your non-residence license and stay within all size/slot/keep limits. They don't mess around with enforcement up there - they'll board you with a german shepard and measure your catch, happened to us and heard it happens often.
  2. Reef Runner

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    Good on ya Dave representing the True North Strong and Free! Still looking for my 50 inch Georgian Bay Musky, can never beat the 47 mark. Still trying to get my girlfriend on any sized-ski (for all the hours I put her through with only pike to show lol). 15inch perch do exist, out of all places I got once bass fishing on Canal a few years ago. Had a forehead on it. Agreed, saltwater fish are a different alien...headed down to Florida in December, can't wait! While those silver kings are a hoot I spend my time chasing Spanish mackerel, tasty buggers if you can get in them.
  3. Cool catch. I was up on the Pickerel last year about 3rd week of October and the water was higher than I've experienced too. Also a tough fish, managed one ski that was under 30 inches trolling a 10 Jake.
  4. Reef Runner

    Rod and reel i use the most

    7 foot Fenwick HMX paired with shimano 2500 ci4 is my main stick for anything from bass to pickerel. 8'6 St. Croix heavy with a Shimano chronarch 7:1 gear ratio for the bigger baits. Some say the chronarch is too lite and I should up it to a round-reel but I just like the feel of it and the storm trooper never let me down.
  5. Reef Runner

    looking for info on a baitcaster rod

    I've owned a few compres over the years. Still use a jig and worm in medium. That's an older model for sure, later models were black/dark green. in addition to use as others said, I'd believe that would be a good stick for tossing spinner baits.
  6. Reef Runner

    Kawartha Muskie Week

    Nice Fish.
  7. Reef Runner

    GBay/Moon River Fall Conditions

    Fish the moon quite a bit but haven't been able to go out this fall. Best bet is West of the straight. Rock piles for smallies, I drop shot a leach pattern. Got a few pike this year on husky jerks and blue fox inline spinners in weedy bays. Of the 10-12 or so years regularly fishing the moon only got 3 ski's, all trolling, downsized lures in shallow with deep water within feet. Biggest was a hawg of a 47 on a walleye diver inadvertently caught trolling for fall eyes, so lucky my line didn't break had the drag set really loose and tightened up because I thought I snagged the bottom then came the head shakes along with my knees. Was not wearing a yellow jacket at the time lol. Good luck.
  8. Reef Runner

    FM17 Walleye Regs

    Thanks for the guidance fellas. I was reading the regs and exception in congruity...aka thinking I could only keep three between 35-36cm lol better make sure that tape measure is accurate. Over/under Balsam slot, from what I'm understanding, good to go. Thanks for clearing it up.
  9. Reef Runner

    Some Nipissing Musky

    Just awesome.
  10. Reef Runner

    FM17 Walleye Regs

    Hello all: Quick question on Balsam walleyes: FM17 regs S:4, must be between 35-50cm, Balsam exception S:3, cannot be between 37-55cm. Therefore, if I'm reading these right, I can keep 3 cigars between 35-36cm? That's a tiny window. Sporting license of course. Let's not turn this into a guys keep 'em anyway and locals do this and that. Just lookin' to stay legal on the long weekend. Thanks a bunch. Reef.
  11. Reef Runner

    Trying to improve on Balsam this year

    Awesome! Glad to hear the lake produced for ya.
  12. Reef Runner

    South Lake - Minden

    Both Largemouth and Smallmouth as well as perch in the lake. If you're fishing with the kiddos bring worms and set them up under a float so it's a more interactive experience watching the float go down.
  13. Reef Runner

    29,000 year old fishing equipment found

    History rocks! lol cool find. Wonder how fishing was back then.