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Ever have a car totaled in your driveway ?


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Came cross this picture tucked away in a box this morning that I'd forgotten about.

This was a 1979 Buick Riviera that I used to own and it was absolutely one of the best cars I've ever had. Pretty well every option available back in the day and driving this car was like driving your living room couch it was so darned comfortable. Looks black but was actually a really nice shade of blue.

Wife and I were in the house one evening and heard a loud crash.  Went out front and realized it was our car sitting in our  driveway that had been clobbered by some moron not looking where he was going and left the road and hit the car and totaled it. Pi$$ed me right off as I loved that car and hadn't had it very long. 

Insurance covered everything but that didn't really make me feel much better.

Mine looked exactly like the one in the 1st picture and the other is the aftermath of the crash.

Anyone else lose a car this way ?



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My Dad was a Buick guy for life...only cars he ever owned. The one I most fondly remember was a 1972 Centurion (not Century) Coupe with a 455 big block. The "parcel shelf" under the rear window was so big our Labrador could fully stretch out and sleep there on trips to the cottage.

The only Buick I owned was a 1986 Regal Grand National....that was a sweet ride. I bought it new, but ended up trading it in 3 years later on a new Pontiac Bonneville sedan, when kids came along. I wish I would've kept the Grand National...I saw one sell recently at Barrett-Jackson for $550,000 US.

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One of my friends had one back in day, I do not recall the year but it would have been early to mid 70s with the torpedo back. Same as Crowmans Dads it had a 455 big block four barrel. It was gorgeous inside and out, Leather interior of course. He was limited as to how often he could drive it  because of the gas consumption. I had a 1987 Buick Somerset coupe. Everything was digital including the speedometer which actually blew my mind for the year.  

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