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Nipigon Townsite and Nagagamisis Lake Advice

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Hi Everyone,

Looking for fishing info while on family vacation.

We'll be staying in Nipigon Aug 8-12 doing mostly touristy things like Terry Fox memorial, amethyst mines, Kakabeka Falls, Sleeping Giant,etc.

Just curious if anyone knows if it would be worthwhile dropping a line in the river while there? Of course I'd love to have the opportunity to get into some specs but would be satisfied with other species. Would trout or salmon be in there that time of year or is that just wishful thinking? Might even take a charter if one was available and seemed promising.

August 12-20 we'll be staying with my brother at his cottage on Nagagamisis Lake. It's supposed to have walleye and pike in it. Does anyone have any info on what we can expect as this will be my chance to spend more time fishing. 

While at my brother's I will have access to a boat however no boat available while in Nipigon.

Happy to get PM's if you prefer.



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The Nipigon River always has fish in it. Resident Brookies and Rainbows will be around through the summer. Mid-August might be a little early for migratory Chinook, Steelhead and Coasters but you never know. Most of the lower river is difficult to access from shore. Best spot is up at Alexander Dam Falls...about 15km north-west of town and the Trans-Canada Hwy. There is a short path to a viewing platform and a number of well worn trails to fishing spots along the shore. There's a boat launch there too. Locals like to use specially tied hair jigs, but heavy spinners and spoons (like little Cleos) that get down in the current work too.

Best of luck !

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52 minutes ago, the spirit of fishing said:

akaShag - is there's any specific info you'd like me too try to get while I'm there?


I don't think so, but I will read your report with interest.  I am doing a week-long charter, so trust the guide for current fishing conditions/etc.


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