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2020 at Port Maitland plus seeking fall pier fishing advice

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This year has been different, but great in many ways. Fishing was better than previous years, and was able to catch some PBs this year and a few firsts.😊

Mainly did well at port Maitland Pier after many years of getting skunked there.  Caught several large pike (7 &9 pounders) and half dozen bowfin. Also got a nice 6lb catfish. Surprisingly, only 2 sheepshead at Maitland even though the first word that comes out of everyone's mouth when they hear Maitland is Sheepshead! 😁

All in all, probably netted close to 50 lbs worth of fish at the pier this year.


I'm planning to try it again early morning in the next few days when the water is calm. Hoping for similar luck, but with the colder weather, should I expect the same results,  or better or worst?

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I think this was the first year I never launched at Port Maitland.

It was only a few years ago you could show up and it was deserted.  I went there a few times in early July and it was standing room only with trailers parked down the rd waiting to launch

I blame the internet :) .   

Nice to see you caught lots of fish this year.



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On 10/30/2020 at 6:11 AM, ckewley said:

You might get into some Chrome, I've caught a couple in mid November(s)but don't fish the Grand enough to say when the run starts. 

We used to get a few wading off the fairgrounds in Caledonia in the fall on float gear.

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