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NF - Any Android Phone pros here? Simple question


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I'd like to think I'm an above average tech guy but I'm getting stumped on how to send MASS txt messages.

I coach a team of 10 guys and added them in contacts and put in a group.

When I try to start a msg or group message it never lets me select the group and never auto fills to the group name.

I can select individually all 10 no problem but that defeats the whole group thing.

I feel like I'm missing 1 stupid step...

I click on Start group conversation and it brings up TOP CONTACTS etc. but not groups.


Any help appreciated.


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Thank you for the replies.

I selected the first option as I wanted all replies back to me without any cross referencing between recipients. I switched to that setting above (group mms) but the contact group again did not show in either plain conversation or start group conversation.

Not sure why this is so tough or requires another app. 

1) Edit 10 contacts.

2) Make team group and make sure the 10 contact r in the group

3) click on msg and click on to: to add group, nope - no group to select

4) click on start group conversation- nope - no group to select

5) Manually add 10 contacts to: and use that thread forever... yup. Brutal

i am using a LG V30 with latest android.

i'm always amazed at huge research and constant updates provided for Android but little things like constant notifications of "change keyboard" has never been fixed.


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3 hours ago, huzzsaba said:

Sorry I couldn't answer your question directly, but I find the best platform to send mass messages is whatsapp.  Just make the group and send messages and everyone sees it.

What he said

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