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ok sometimes you get lucky

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this past saturday, my buddy Ron and I decided to go and try for some trout in a little lake off Eagle Lake.  this involved a trip up a creek that was more like a snake than a straight line. it took an hour and a half to get to the lake and in the process we managed to ding our prop a couple times and will require a touch up.  within 5 minutes we had our first trout in the boat, by the 10 minute mark we had 3 trout and in 20 minutes we were limited out .  

to make the trip worthwhile we decided we would stay for another hour and a half and practice catch and release. when the time was up we had released another 6 trout. it was one of the best trips i have ever had into that lake, 20180526_123934.jpg20180526_124059.jpg


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