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Georgian Bay Fishing Camp: any stories?


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First post here. Yes, Fisherman and akashag and I had some good times up there. That old steel boat took some serious beatings on the Ottawa River. Also fished it for years in Georgian Bay in the Meaford Owen Sound area. In 1998 my wife and I went on a "retreat" to GBFC. Dave picked us up at Key River. We got to the camp and he pointed us to our cabin. Upon entering the cabin it was filled with "stuff". There were two single assembled crappy beds. Staff came to take the junk out and assemble the beds. Apparently there were no other cabins available. We but the two beds together and got a fire going in the woodstove. During the night we dealt with mice and cold. My wife was NOT impressed. During the entire week we were there staff were conducted repairs to the docks with chainsaws and skill saws and hammering all day. To add insult to injury Dave charged me several hundred dollars more than he had quoted me. I argued about the terrible shack we were in and the fact I had helped his guys out a few times and I was a return customer, but to no avail. My menu had included at least one fish fry which never did occur. Needless to say that was the last time I went to that crap hole. Lesson learned was it's not the same going there with buddies and drinking our faces off than going there with your wife. That's all I got to say bout that!!!

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Visited GBFC throughout the nineties, usually a spring and a summer trip. Big Dave was a great host. As mentioned not the best location to take the spouse: central showers, cleanliness and boardwalk always needed improving but a good guys trip. on more than one occasion put my foot through a decayed walkway board. Loved the pick up and ride in from the Key river through the narrow passageway at high speed. Monster pike in the spring still fishing with live sucker minnows. Found Walleye in the outer bays narrow always good especially in the evening. Loved the steel hull boats. Dave used to say there's no way you're not going to hit a rock - he was right. Can't remember the lady's name at the lodge. Doris or Dorothy? She would cook up the walleye.

Found out of the demise of the camp through a vendor at the sportsman show. All he said was that circumstances to the decline was a sad story.

Fond memories an good times I will always cherish.



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