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Quick Algonquin Report from Sep 5th Weekend


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Been a while since I have posted a report. Actually it has been quite a while since I have done some real fishing as well. This year I hadn't been to my favourite park for some real fishing, so I decided to go the weekend after Labour Day.


What a great decision to not go on a long weekend. Peace, tranquility, scenery, fishing was just great. Below are some pics. I was targetting Specks using this new technique but I ended up with lakers. Hey, I don't mind. I love trout. I actually thought I had specks until I fillet two for dinner, at which point I looked for the signs - forked tails vs square tail, and the worm like markings versus the halo spots. Ofcourse, how could i forget that beautiful Speck I caught a couple years back.


Anyhow, was there for the weekend. Hooked 8 fish on two tries, landed 7, kept 2 for dinner.


Peace out, hope you all had a great summer.













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Me and a couple of buddies went on a canoe trip with 2 small portages but long paddles. Only two of us fished.


My technique is a culmination of almost 2 years of failed trolling efforts, observations, research and consultations with other anglers (including a retired marine biologist in the park). I basically troll really slow with a LOT of line out with a spoon. That's it. Other factors to consider:

  • how much line you let out (I have a colored trolling line, I let out x colors)
  • depths you're fishing - i like to fish between 30 to 40 foot depths
  • trolling speed, real slow -> this will determine how deep your spoon sinks
  • depth of your spoon - it needs to be in the thermocline
  • of course, we all know, structure and time of day helps too
  • I don't use night crawlers, it affects the spoon's action
  • Spoon colors - yellowish/greenish, bronze, black with silver dots

That's it.



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