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Sonar/flashers: Vpg Or Lx5?


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Hi all,


I'm in the market for a flasher/sonar unit and came across Aqua Vu's new Vertical Pixel Graph (VPG) unit and was wondering if anyone else who has used a flasher/sonar unit could give me the low down on this unit's capabilities. :unsure::dunno:




For one, it looks easy enough for a sonar newbie to understand. I've only had a brief opportunity using Vex FL18 (less than 30 mins) on the ice but was amazed at the real time readings (I still couldn't get the fish to bite, lol). :unsure:


I've also looked at the Marcum LX-5 (I think that's the model, but you might know what I mean). It's much more in cost but also touts greater peak to peak power for sensing.




Someone please help me figure this one out. :worthy:


Other than price AV ($230 US) Vs. M 5 ($480 US) what other major details should I consider?



Thanks in advance,


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I'd recommend you consider something that you can use year-round.


I went through the same decision making process this year in June. I decided to go with the Humminbird 585c and got a Portable case for it. I converted the lantern battery setup to use 2 rechargeable gel-cell batteries.


Now I have a great unit I can use on the ice, and for when I rent a boat in the summer.


On a side note, I didn't bother getting a Sonar/GPS combo unit for the same reason. I want to be able to take my GPS hiking too, not just use it when I am using my fishfinder.




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I wanted a flasher but the price to a couple of months use is too much for me

I will be buying the lorwance X67c Ice it is a flasher chart and can be used in a boat as a color LCD chart for less money

well you do have to by a skimmer transducer for the boat........

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i also have an x67c

i bought it last year when Cabelas was having a mid-winter sale & had a local retailer match there price. It also included my chioce of a boat transducer as well.


I only got to use it on the ice a couple time last year & I am happy with it - nice to have both sonar & graph when on the ice. I also use it as my bow mount sonar for softwater & it will also work fine in any instance if i were to rent a boat sometime.

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I've used the LX-5 last season and just love it. The zoom detail is great and you can zoom in anywhere in the water column.There is also 2 cone angles you can utilize to avoid false readings for when fish come into the zone and the charging system is far superior over any other units in my opinion. One it's fully charged, you can leave it plugged in and it will maintain the battery unlike other brands as to when it fully charged, you have to unplug the unit to avoid killing the battery.

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