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  1. J & J Marine Services 905.768.9188 Hagersville i used him for my boat...
  2. Check Bryan's home renovation auction on Hwy 6 in Puslinch for cabinets
  3. It was great seeing the old faces again and meeting some new ones.. sorry i made it late...
  4. I'm working on Saturday, but i'll swing by after, hopefully you'll still be there...
  5. Anyone live in Edmonton and mind helping me out? Computer Issues with my Dad's computer. General computer knowledge, nothing brain busting Send me a PM please Thanks
  6. for them to etest your vehicle it needs to have a certain amount of emissions data in the computer. If you clear your check engine light, it clears your emission data and your car is not ready for the test if you don't drive your car often, same thing, it will not have enough data for the test... they will take your money and send you home not having enough data doesn't mean your car fails, it means your car doesn't pass after 2 failure to reads you get a conditional pass and you'll be able to get your sticker no repair is necessary, but they next time it needs an etest, it will need to have the data or it will fail...
  7. What Wayne is really demonstrating in the picture is use of the safety lanyard attached to the reel...
  8. I agree with Mike Cabelas rocks!!!!
  9. I use VLC on the computer... The sony Blu-ray players read everything... put it on a thumb drive and plug it in and you're good to go
  10. I bought grey out door carpeting at home depot its held up good for 4 years so far... Make sure you don't buy the one that has the rubber backing... You want the one that has no backing And make sure you use stainless steel staples
  11. $69.99 at Grimsby Tackle... was there about 2 hours ago and they had lots in stock
  12. i'd spool it with wire... It's a great combo... if you go with wire, make sure you put a twilly tip on the end of the rod buy something cheaper for using on a rigger... I have tons of fun running a mono dipsy though also...
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