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Broke Back Hump

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It sucks, really sucks. That is, being stuck in down town Toronto on the Friday before a long weekend. I was having a hard time dealing with it. As I stared out the window wondering what pound test line I would need if I was to use the CN tower to crane the sky dome in to my boat. I get a message on OFC.


Expecting the typical "Hey Phil, your as ugly as your shirts" or "thanks for the tip on using that lure, but who the heck are you, you even fish?"


I was surprised to get a message from Ron. What the..... Now I'm scared, does he think I work for the harbour police? MNR? Rice Lake cottage association?


Nope, just a simple, "Hey wanna go fish'n Monday" , instantly I had thoughts of buying a lottery ticket, calling my Mom to tell her I love her and breaking the news to my wife I had to work Monday.


Then I calmed down. "Sure" I responded. I have been dying to get out. It's been a while. But especially with Ron, he knows Rice Lake and I love Rice lake. Now my mind is calm. I can leave Downtown and enjoy the natural/unnatural scenery it has to offer knowing I will be bouncing around soon enough on one of my favourite lakes.


I arrive in the morning and there is Ron, instinctively I scan the bushes for snipers. All clear.


Off we go, it is simply amazing the calm I feel as I head out across the water in the early morning even while chewing a bug of some sort.


Ron Rocks, his boat rocks, his knowledge rocks, his skill rocks, even his cookies rock, ironically all our fish came off weeds.


All in all we caught a good amount of fish, no giants as the wind came up and pushed us off the main lake. I could tell the wind as Ron left his tag on his hat, it was 30 k out of the North West.


One hump we really got into them, good fish on a "spot on a spot" You had to put your cast exactly in the kill zone. One poor little casualty of our onslaught had an interesting deformity...a Broke Back. I tried for a picture of it, but it didn't turn out. So all I have is the side shot. I'll post Ron aka. Chiro, with it below.


Now we are all smiles, hooksets set are followed by a pat on the back. A true team as one would grab the net the other would have the prey ready, one fluid motion of smallmouth excellence....


Thanks Ron, I will forever remember my experience at Broke Back Hump.


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Hahaha, very entertaining report Phil :thumbsup_anim:


Glad you got out and let some steam off, and who better to fish with than Ron :clapping:


Yup, broke back for sure :whistling::D

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I've been fortunate enough to spend time fishing with Ron, always a good time and oddly enough he knows a little bit about fishing too. whistling.gif

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