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Sup Peeps!


Just wanted to formally introduce myself to these forums. A friend of mine said this was the place to be. To give you guys a lil background I just took up fishing a few months ago with my soon to be nephew and got hooked ( pardon the pun ) and now i drop a line every other day or so at any spot that looks enticing!


I hope to learn a ton from these forums! That said, heres to keeping the community going!


Also i just got a cottage in Picton ( Bay of Quinte ) so ill be posting reports from time to time as well as reports from a few local spots. Any tips and advice is always greatly appreciated.






Lol disregard the post i made in the announcement forums.


<------ noob

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Welcome to the community Jip.


A little tip......the gang loves pictures aka fish porn :) I do hope that you enjoy your time here and look forward to reading about your adventures while "learning" to fish. Picton is a popular area with many during the fall, I am sure they will appreciate the info that you may be able to share.

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Welcome. And what's the address of that cottage again :P:lol:


Lots of helpful info and unusual characters here. Don't worry about the Dawg. He just barks a lot ( I think the Mrs pulled his fangs ages back :lol: )

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