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  1. Wow. Simply Wow! Stunning report. Never thought of fighting the fish from underwater tho. Prolly something you'll remember for years to come! Jealous!
  2. Its all relevant to the size pipe your using. For a 7.5 length you would purchase a 10 FT length (anywhere from 14-34$ depending on the circumference ie. 1"1/2 or 3") Fittings are dirt cheap. you can get test caps from 50 cents to 3 dollars. Likewise for couplings. Im quoting Home Depot prices. Your local plumbing supplier will have much more competative prices depending on the local demand so check them out first. All in all your looking at 15 to 30 bucks for a decent set up. hope that helps!
  3. Great idea. You can get PVC from 1"1/2 to 6". Test caps (usually orange) cost pennies, and full lengths up to 20 feet. If you need more room just add a coupling and extend the pipe as needed. I never would have thought of this as case for rods! Considering how easy the pipe is to manipulate the possibilities are endless in what you can do to customize your case. Thanx for the idea. Im headin to home depot 2moro WOOT!!
  4. Im not the most experienced fisherman but i did alot of research on top water methods before i hit the lake with a few new poppers and jitterbugs. Ive had the most success with the frog patterned JB. This was the advice i gave my GF when i lent her my topwater lures. Cast. wait 5-8 seconds, reel slowly so that the lure dances a bit while keeping the front profile nice and low. When the fish hits wait for him to take it down and away from you before setting the hook. Best way to tell is when your line taughts itself a bit, then, BAM! set that hook! If the fish hits and the line slacks its cause its swimming towards you. Attempting to set the hook then could cause you to pull it right from its mouth so tilt/angle your rod appropriately so that your always pulling in the opposite direction that the fish is swimming. Result- GF- two 3,4 lbs smallies in 15 mins Me- nill...........(insert durogatory remark here)..... the water conditions changed pretty quickly so that was the end of topwater fishing. High winds= too much wake. i couldnt be happier for her tho. Her first topwater strikes. She couldnt handle the adrenaline that ensued, had to chill for a few mins before she could cast again LOL. Anyways i hope that was useful. If it worked for the gf then it should work for most others hehehe. failed to mention that this was all on the frog patterned JB! Cheers!
  5. Great catches! Even greater still with that shot of the pike! way to catch that action!
  6. Great Shots! I know that they are all over Picton Bay. Was there a few weeks ago putting out the dock on the summer home and they would often fly down around dawn and hang out for a few mins at the edge of the dock. I thought they were some sort of Crane at first untill i was corrected! Beautiful birds nonetheless!! And those white Xraps really catch their attention =P
  7. Crazy stuff. Those pics dont justify what we went through l2p. To think that we were surrounded by those falling trees it coulda been alot worse considering the damage that was done elsewhere. Good times tho trying to run back to the truck and not being able to see 15 ft ahead of us cause of all that hail!
  8. From Downtown Toronto born and raised. Hopefully Ill have some fish porn up soon Bly! Definately cant wait to post my first full fledged report.
  9. Sup Peeps! Just wanted to formally introduce myself to these forums. A friend of mine said this was the place to be. To give you guys a lil background I just took up fishing a few months ago with my soon to be nephew and got hooked ( pardon the pun ) and now i drop a line every other day or so at any spot that looks enticing! I hope to learn a ton from these forums! That said, heres to keeping the community going! Also i just got a cottage in Picton ( Bay of Quinte ) so ill be posting reports from time to time as well as reports from a few local spots. Any tips and advice is always greatly appreciated. Cheers! Jip Lol disregard the post i made in the announcement forums. <------ noob
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