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Bassin' Saturday

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Went Bassin' on Saturday. Weather was incredible, no wind, warm temps, and the sun shone all day.

Last year at this time the Smallies were all schooled up in 20 - 35 feet of water on this Lake.

Was a little different yesterday though. I started throwing a white 1/2 oz. spinnerbait while my buddy swam a flipping jig.

We just wanted to cover water until we got to the area that they were holding in last season. We ended up with a nice surprise when we both caught fish out of 3-5 feet of water while we burned along. We got a couple each on the way to our "spot".

The water temp (surface) started out at 45 degrees and rose to 48 by the end of the day. When we got to the spot we ended up pulling some more fish from shallow water then we started looking deeper. The Bass seemed to be holding in 3 different areas instead of being schooled up in one big ball. Area one was real shallow with heavy wood.

Area 2 was in water close to 15 feet deep that butted up to the deepest wood where it changed to a rocky / sandy bottom. Then area 3 was where they usually are, in water 22 to 30 something feet. Any time the bottom changed

from hard sand to rock we marked fish. The deeper Bass came on tubes while we still caught the shallower fish on spinnerbaits and flipping jigs. Caught lots of fish and the average size was very respectable. The only boat on the Lake on a beautiful fall day. What a blast :thumbsup_anim:















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Great report, thanks for sharing.


Glen, the bucket was for minnows I think.

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lol - yep the minnow bucket was for minnows.

Had a dozen in case we had a hard time finding 'em but we didn't need them.



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