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If the mods dont find this appropriate I will take this down or it can be removed

the red light will preserve night vision and deer dont see it

the blue light will illuminate bouys from 200 yards like they were the sun

the whithe light is very bright and concentrated not recomended you shine in your eyes

the infrared light is the best part you cant see it but if someone needs to find you it is like having a homing becon tried this out with starlight viewers and you light up like a christmas tree i dont need to explain why this is a bonus


For all interested i havent quite figured out the logidstics of this i will probably open an account and order what is in demand I have been in touch with someone that can get these on masse



Energizer Hard Case Tactical LED Infrared Night Vision Flashlight

MIL2AA1L is a rugged and powerful tactical flashlight, designed for

tactical, self-defense, or general use. These Tactical Flashlights

feature 5 Light Modes making the flash light an all-in-one flashlight

that will get any job done. The Hard Case Tactical LED Infrared

Flashlight by Energizer emits light in White, Red, Blue, Infrared, and

Infrared Strobe. The Flashlight's White Light outputs a bright high-

intensity LED for maximum brightness. This light is bright enough to

temporarily blind an assailant for a couple of seconds. The Red and

Blue Lights on these Flashlights are great for close work, tracking,

and also navigating through outdoor terrain as some animals cannot see

red light. The Infrared, and Infrared Strobe Lights are designed

primarily for Night Vision equipment. The Infrared Light, when used

with Night Vision Goggles, will help light up an entire area that is

in total darkness. This is ideal for tactical missions, hunting, or

any other activity where Nightvision use will come in handy. These

lights of Hard Case Tactical Flashlights run on 2 AA Batteries. In

addition to the Energizer Hard Case Tactical LED IR Flash Light 's

capabilities is the tactical flash light 's rugged construction. These

Energizer Flashlights have a Rubber Overmold exterior for shock

absorption and a non-slip grip. Also, the body of the LED Flashlight

is made from ABS plastic making it impact-resistant. The Flashlight

also protects the valuable interior components with its Shatterproof

Lens, and Water Resistant Rubber Gaskets. This high quality

construction combined with powerful multi-mode led lights make the

Energizer Hard Case Tactical LED Infrared Flashlight the Toughest

Flashlight You Will Ever Need.



I can get these in cases of 6 Price will be between $70.00-$80.00

depending on numbers and could possibly go lower I have witnessed this

light in action and it in my opinion it is outstanding.

Let me know by website or Pm if intrested and I will get the ball

rolling I will not do anything until Christmas but I will be Ordering

only once.



Peter :Gonefishing:

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the IR night vision would certainly make deerhunting alot easier, let me check with the guys in camp as to how many we will need.

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I like this one better.


Here's a pic of the 'flashlight' that Pete is talking about.




Here is the bumpf.

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