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  1. Hi, I bought this motor new and used it last season for about 10 hours, no bumps hits etc, great new condition. I bought this motor to go with my 16 foot aluminum to give my kids a chance to safely get used to the power and learn some basics. I am getting ready to put a 25-30 HP on it so I was curious what people are offering for this 9.9 2021 Merc and, if someone has a 25-30 HP for sale, in like new late model condition, please let me know. My 9.9 is in great condition and I am not in a hurry to sell, so no lowballers, its not your lucky day LOL
  2. I collect coins Cliff. The problem with ebay is there's alot of fraudsters, people selling junk with fake appraisals, so the legit stuff gets lost in the midst. PLus people may buy your legit coins and make a fraud allegation against you (coin switched). Getting an appraisal done with you watching the whole time, no 'going in the back'. Don't do the whole collection but just a few at a time. Older coins don't have much value unless you get into 1920's or some select coins with 'errors', the 1969 dime have a good percentage with an error which makes it valuable. Paper money, unles it is mint condition, no folds or creases, it probably is not worth much either. Anything of value, take it to a safe deposit box and insure it.
  3. Right on schedule...the positve report.
  4. You need to speak to a financial advisor. Get one and spend time informing him of your whole financial scenario and your goals. Selling your stocks guarantees your loss, as opposed to holding and waiting for the eventual upturn, which is the advice I received. Most of the decision is based on your risk tolerance, which if it is zero, then you should pay down your mortgage.
  5. Don't let the ex hear about any new found wealth...LOL Nothing brings a dog back into the bushes with her nose on the ground than the smell of money.
  6. My dad and I have a pike, musky and pickerel from Advanced, all gorgeous. If you visit theur website and check their refernces, you will see they are endorsed by OMNR, OFAH etc etc. Never compared them on pricing with anyone but I'm guessing they are not the cheapest, but the quality there make price irrelevant.
  7. Fine Workwear, and everyone else, I was not intending to insult anyone, I will take my grain of salt and put it on my pizza.
  8. I wouldn't book with snowfari either...but for the same reason as I would not book with an operator that got a good review. I have my own experiences and those of a few I ice fish with. Going off internet postings is gambling. I have more than a few files of people burned by 'reputable' (on the internet) movers, jewellers and other trades. I have never built a thing in my life, but who wants to bet I could have a professional looking web site within 7 days, and could I get 1 or 10 or 20 people (friends and family) to post reviews here and there on the net? throw in some bad reviews for local competitors and next thing you know I am bidding on completing your home reno and hoping its easy and the guys on duty at Home Depot will be able to talk me thru it as I do it the first time. or maybe take a healthy initial deposit and not show up again (happened to a more than a few friends of mine) As for 'submarining' competitors, it was a common occurence on another web site. Internet bashing is on the tame side, arson and violent crimes are at the other extreme.
  9. Sorry if you were offended. I don't believe everything I read on the internet, and like I said in my first post, there are posts with truthful accurate content, there is just no way of proving it. I guess 100% of all posts contain true information?
  10. scam, its basically an addon for salesmen, did you want fries with that? neat (and expensive) way to find out how loopholes work, adding legal jargon to mechanical technojargon plus some ambiguous words = you pay, you lose. try reading one...or have it explained to you by someone not getting commssion on it (ie someone outside the dealership) LOL
  11. Hi Riz: On other boards, Lake Simcoe outfitters would post 'negative' reports from people just taking time out of their busy day to help out others and 'warn' them...it was common for this to be their competition and their friends would post as well to make it sound like a crowd of people that were screwed over. The flip side was 'positive reports', again from family and friends, again bearing no relation to the truth. So, its not that I trust or don't trust a report, I just ignore them as the noise that comes with an ice fishing season that is very short and very competitive and some years does not happen at all due to a lack of ice which increases the pressure on everyone to make hay while the sun shines. I have my short list of outfitters, friends that go on Simcoe (with their GPS markers for structure, hot spots etc) and the outfitters they trust, and most days nothing beats going out on your own. I use outfitters only on really cold days which require a hut or shelter or if I am taking people icefshing for their first time.
  12. If there's one thing I've learned from fishing boards is this: 1) either a negative review is posted by competitors and their on-line friends/family (common on-line behaviour) or its really true and, most importantly, 2) determining whether the review is true or false is not better than a coin toss I pick services and products based on people I know and trust, face to face in the real world, not on-line shills or anti-shills.
  13. Go to Virginia Beach or Pefferlaw or jacksons point...wherever and the first smiling face who will take me out has never disappointed.
  14. summer: Timmies for starters, then cool beer on ice, plus pop and water ice fishing: we really drink: vodka, crown royal, ouzo and white wine + mixers ALSO: lots of good ideas on this thread...its been a while since a thread has been worthy of printing off and laminating for reference.
  15. Our Christmas is January 6 so the tree and lights stay till then plus a few days after.
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