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    Been fishing since I was 5 years old and never stopped.
    Next to my 6 yr old daughter and my two year old son,
    It is my greatest passion in life and always will be.
  1. Well my annual week long Nipissing fishing trip has come and gone.... Stayed at Promised Land Camp fishing lodge. Our hosts Linda and Henning were great as always. Great rental boats by the way.... Mostly overcast/cloudy periods for the week with a few sunny days and sunny periods thrown in.Water temp average for the week was 68-72 degrees. Water level about 2+ feet below normal. Fishing was great for Pike & Bass, but boy oh boy, I never fished so hard for Walleye in my life. We only brought in 4 the entire week (all in the slot) largest was 22in. I fished every single honey hole that I know of on the south shore. And believe me.. I know a lot of spots. Also went out to Gull Islands, same thing.. reading them like crazy on the bottom but no bites.Used my usual red and red/white jigs, (switched to every colour jig that I had) bottom bouncers, slow death hooks.. you name it, and if I had it, I used it. It had to be the shad flies!!! they were there, no matter where. Man. Got stopped by OPP on Friday the 25th out on Hunters Bay, about 9 boats out there including ours late afternoon. OPP were Ok, a quick hello just to make sure we had everything on the boat. We had no booze on board, no stupidity here.....They chased down a couple boats who decided to leave as soon as the OPP pulled up to us. Largest eye I got was 20in and looked really unhealthy, eyes bulging out and scars like crazy.No it was not brought up quick, It was only in 5ft of water. Scars were from spawning I guess. Just not a nice colour. For the week I caught... 11 Pike 2 Eyes 1 Sheep head 4 Perch 4 Hangovers 1 Catfish 9 Bass 1 Suntan And lost... 3 jigs 2 packs of smokes Eyes were caught on red 1/4 ounce jigs w/worm and a gold williams wabbler. Bass: casting red jigs with Chartreuse power bait. Pike: Caught with gold Williams wabbler, yellow spinners with worm, Cyclops blue and silver Bass season opened up the morning we had to leave (June 26th) which was a nice bonus and we were up early. Fun morning with 2 deer 30 ft away from us on shore just stood there for about 20 minutes. Nice. A few days before took a pic of a mama duck with 19 ducklings, one on her back. Sweet. Lot's of wildlife this year, lot's of deer on the islands and mainlands and otters swimming about. Plenty of Jack rabbits running around also. Nip sunsets were just great as ever and so is my tan. Still need to get some walleye..... where to go, where to go? One other thing... If you are heading out to fish Nipissing this year, use caution. The low water level has made it pretty scary in some areas. If you know the lake you should be fine but for those heading out there for the first time just be careful and use common sense.. And since walleye fishing is not at normal levels as well, I have seen many boaters venture into areas that most would not normally fish (myself included) searching for new honey holes. Lot's of rocks just inches below the top of the water that will take off a prop, just ask my bud who bought a new one for the lodge... As for myself, I have yet to take one out. (Knock on aluminum). For some reason I am unable to upload all my pics so click on the link below to see shots from the trip. Hope you enjoy the pics.... Cheers, John http://www.flickr.co...s/johnbflicker/
  2. Nothing but a bunch of punks. I could say a few other words.
  3. Beans... Give me his name and number. HA! Sure I can make room for him on my trip somewhere!!
  4. Alex, we have to hook up sometime. I'm in Toronto. Cheers, John
  5. I don't do Tim's unless I have too.... I'm a BYOC... Thanks to my wife owning a cafe and pastry shop.
  6. Maybe all us early riser's should go together... And all our buddies who are late riser's go together... I usually put in 4 hrs before they even get up.
  7. YOU WILL BE OK! Traffic will be congested as usual and prob a bit harder to get in. Due to the fence surounding the area below King Street. Enter from the north, try to avoid the Gardiner/lakeshore. Best bet is come down off the 401 and travel down avenue road, Avenue Road turns into University Avenue (get off at King and University) which is about a block away from the church. Parking on the other hand........ Click on the link below Green arrow is the corner where two BIG parking lots are. 5min walk to the church. "A" is the church marked on the map. "B" is the subway. You can park north up at Yorkmills Subway station on Yonge street, leave the car there and travel south on the subway and get at point "B" (King / University Subway station) and walk to the church. http://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&q=Adelaide+and+john+st+toronto&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Adelaide+St+W+%26+John+St,+Toronto,+ON&gl=ca&ei=z3EbTPDUDsHflgeqzpjWCQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBkQ8gEwAA Hope this helps, Cheers, John
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