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  1. That's very cool. Pretty elusive creatures. Cheers Craig
  2. It may just be a fluke in the bottling process. Don't hesitate to return it to the LCBO. They will be more than happy to exchange it for you and then you will know whether to move on or stick with your old friend. Cheers Smitty
  3. The four motors on the corners look like they are mounted on an angle and would be propelling the boat on an angle. i guess if all the motors are synchronized perfectly it may be a non-issue, but if not I think it would be a job to keep it straight. Sure looks cool though!
  4. Cheers....Very well said. I applaud your courage for seeking the help, and applaud your willingness to share your story. This is the only way things will ever change in a positive direction.
  5. I could sit and watch that all day Lew. Very cool pictures. Cheers Craig
  6. Hi Steve There is actually a business in Hamilton The Garage Door Guy. His name is Wayne 905-383-2177. Mobile (truck based) business. Have used him for spring replacement and friends have used for new door/install etc. You will not beat his price. Cheers Craig
  7. Good on you Mike! Obviously made an impression on a stranger and no doubt will upon your son as well. Cheers Craig
  8. Awesome report Chris. I can't get over the colour of some of those Brookies. Looks like you had a wonderful week minus the blackfly scars. lol Cheers Craig
  9. If it is only happening under load (as it appears to be) I would check the belt for sure and then move on to the Primary and Secondary clutch needing serviced. Let us know how it works out. Good luck Cheers Craig
  10. Glad to hear a happy ending. Good job on CTC as well. Cheers Craig
  11. I picked up a Clam Bigfoot XL4000 Thermal today at BassPro for $344.00 (Reg $459). It has 64 square feet of fishable space. sets up and comes down in a snap. Only time will tell how its lasts in the long run but it appears better constructed than the Frabil that i had for the last 5 years Cheers Craig
  12. Just switched to iMAC from PC finally. The difference has been quite noticable for ease of transition and ease of use. No more worry about viruses etc. They are more expensive, but i believe they are worth it. Your old dvd with your programs ie Microsoft Office etc will not be compatible with the iMac platform and operating system. PC laptops seem to be very reasonably priced right now Cheers Craig
  13. I would doubt that the Province would have much input on this National debate. At least I would hope they don't. It would only serve to slow things down. Cheers Craig
  14. Hi Dan. You eluded to the wind during the winter on the ice. With your hut being approx. 18 inches off the ice (at least for now), you may want to consider making your floor holes the same diameter as a five gallon pail. You can then remove the bottom of the pail and slide it down from your hut as a sleeve to the ice surface. Works very well at blocking the wind and prevent hole blowing in or freezing. Good luck with your build, looks great. PS I agree with black paint for the hut to absorb sun heat and for visibility on the lake. Reflective tape will help the snowmobilers for sure. Cheers Craig
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