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  1. Hi, I can't find your thread about making your own glow in dark spoon.

  2. Uni > Jam Knot If you clip the tag end too close it will work loose out of the top loop because there's zero pressure on it, sending your beloved prize lure flying off to the horizon or prematurely releasing a prized fish with a hardware jaw tag. 3 guesses on how I figured that out?
  3. Considering they're removing the sand bar that was a semi-secret night time honey hole, kinda sucks. If you've got a small boat or something like a canoe they'll still probably be a few good days casting the beach with an empty pier. With crystal clear water that is extra low this year, Bronte will be either on or off. Burlington gets less fish, but atleast there's always some holding close.
  4. Outside of suburban S.Ont you'd be surprised what gets used as a "marker". It'll make sense to the locals but if you're used to having your countryside divided into neat squares things like "No Fishing 240.8m East of Happy Face Rock" can make you wonder.
  5. You need to look harder. http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/stdprodconsume/groups/lr/@mnr/@letsfish/documents/document/mnr_e001337.pdf Mississippi River - Drummond Twp., from 79.2 m (260 ft.) east to 240.8 m Closed All Year (790 ft.) west of Main Street. And the bass shop lady was off the mark too: Mississippi River - Drummond Twp., Fish sanctuary - no fishing from Mar. 1 - Fri. before 2nd Sat. in May. from 79.2 m (260 ft.) east of Main Street to Mississippi Lake. I've only been there once, but if I remember right there's some rapids right above a wildlife sanctuary on Mississippi Lake, the whole stretch of shore fishable river is off limits.
  6. Heh I would've said Wasaga in June. Not near as many as Dunnville but a ton of absolute 20lb+ slobs. During the summer the rivers out East, Trent, Ottawa, Pet, Mad et al. Canoeing down the Petawawa & Madawaska you'll almost step on them in the shallows.
  7. Spring suckers out of G'bay tribs taste just as good as the trout. Where they are caught I think has more bearing than what species. I'd eat a whistle trout out of Nipissing before I ate a salmon out of Lake O.
  8. Heh, tell that to the guys in Michigan beating stinkpots in derbies! I've been dinging Kings out of canoes for almost 20yrs, in the new mussel cleaned water stealth is king baby (why do you think catches drop off in August nowadays?) Paddle craft can actually have an edge trolling the skinny water for staging Kings in 40-60FOW. If you're still around here next spring I'll take you out chasing brownies in the shallows, it's like stalking bonefish around Hamilton
  9. Has anybody mentioned not to clean fish by your camp site? And don't leave food in the car either. Just keep your site clean, wash off everything that had food on it and hang your food from a tree. I've been backcountry tripping for decades and outside of campgrounds & Algonquin I've had more problems with raccoons than bears.
  10. Pfluegers are like Shimano's, they're decent as long as you only catch little fish and don't stress them. I know a couple of guys that bought Supreme's for salmon & trout and they didn't last long before they loosened up. Drags are decent and they look purty, but they're built to a budget and longevity isn't the greatest. Braid is brutal on reels, especially heavy braid on big fish. Good tip to aid reel life is to keep the drag slightly loose for the hook set and winch down once a big'un is on.
  11. Except when you snag up you lose the whole rig. If your rig keeps getting tangled letting it down you need to drop it slower, not just opening your bail and dropping it. In a paddle craft it's easier to drop when your moving down wind, then start on your trolling path.
  12. The best fishing lakes in Muskoka & Haliburton don't have cottages on them. 1) Buy canoe & camping gear (think of it as a portable cottage, every weekend on a new lake! ) 2) Wave at angry, frustrated, indebted, passive aggressive cottagers warning you not to fish their docks as you paddle by 3) Spend the saved money on fast motorcycles, hookers & blow
  13. It's a municipal by-law, not a Provincial regulation so you won't find it in the regs but if you do try to fish from shore you will get a trespassing ticket. Similiar to the No-Fishing After Aug 15 in Port Credit. It's a town council middle finger to the province after the long hard fight to get the sanctuary removed. It's of dubious legality, but the anti-fishing NIMBYism flows strong in Oakville nowadays.
  14. I suppose in the cold weather the fish will be sluggish enough you can get away with it
  15. I wouldn't trust either. Then again I'm not paid to pretend these things are the next best thing to sliced bread either. If you want a baitcaster under $100, Abu C3. Period.
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