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  1. What a tragedy for that dog, killed beause he pawed a neighbourhood woman for attention. Unflippinreal. BSL is ridiculous.
  2. "insults" from a delivery driver won't get under my skin.
  3. perhaps parking in designated areas would reduce the number of tickets you receive ?? why do delivery drivers think they are special ? no parking/stopping means just that. Why is that hard to comprehend ?
  4. so getting caught doing 25 over in the streets, receiving a ticket, is also "just another way to pay for the city of Toronto's overspending" ?? No difference.
  5. Get rid of the instigator penalty, let the players enforce themselves, problem reduced considerably.
  6. lol, pretty sure I'm safe. it would be the same old tired lines from the three nottawa fans anyway..... one round does not win you the cup, so if that's your definition of success, have at er
  7. I agree with your whole statement. btw - check out where/who this thread turned into Leafs vs sens, twas not a Leaf fan.
  8. true, cause we beat you in four...... really, beat the Rangers????? not with backslide you've had recently....
  9. I've yet to see a thread started by Leaf fans slagging the senoritas, but several started by señorita fans slagging the Leafs......hmmmm, obsessed much. Leaf fans see the senoritas as the pimple on our azz, a nuisance. out in four, yet again..........
  10. I think it's pretty obvious that I am a Leaf fan. You see, I have obv. been through the lean years, but come sept. the optimism (blind, or otherwise) remains high. I ALWAYS feel this could be the year, and am excited to see how the season will unfold. I watch the games, cheer when they win, am disappointed when they lose. The last few years have been crushing, but come the new season, I will be there, with the same optimism for a great season, as I have before. Playoffs/No Playoffs, I bleed blue and white, and that will never waver, because I am a TRUE FAN !!!! How many sens fans can say they NEVER cheered for another team?? Toronto/Montreal were likely replaced as soon as the sens came about, loyalty out the window. Some "fans". I'll leave all three of you señorita fans to your love in now. btw- those tickets will be on sale for a while.............
  11. um, no, will not be watching the senoritas, as they will be out before I blink, like every other year.......
  12. original. so when do you choose the next team you will be a "fan" of ??
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