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  1. Billy Bob

    OMG....not the Thimble

    Don't let it happen....we must all unite...... http://www.buffalonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130111/CITYANDREGION/130119786/1109
  2. Billy Bob

    Are you a lousy shot. Not anymore

    Well..........delivering a 130 grain soft point pill from my Ruger .270........ OR......maybe just a 45 grain hollow point pill delivered from my Ruger .22-250 better know around here as "CHUCK MATE" at 4000 fps Either way........I don't need a $5000 or more contraption they have above......
  3. They tell me there was no hockey for over 100 days..... ...never noticed.... DON'T EVER TRY THAT WITH FISHING....
  4. I'm confused....you said it was your secret perch spot...caught them there before, but you last sentence said you caught your first perch....
  5. Not only FULL but have the water RUNNING when you turn on that breaker switch for the hot water tank...they can burn out in a blink of an eye if not turned on correctly.
  6. Billy Bob

    portable marine radio advice

    With VHF Radios you get what you pay for.
  7. Billy Bob

    which truck would you buy?

    The Nissan Titan was going to be built by Chrysler but then the bottom of the economy fell out, especially with Chrysler and GM so that deal fell through...my buddy had a Titan......I believe it was a 2004 if that's the first year they came out with the full size truck....and he just traded in on a new Ford....but he said the Titan was GREAT....not sure why he didn't get another one.
  8. Billy Bob

    which truck would you buy?

    Being comfortable with the dealership does go a long way when purchasing a vehicle.
  9. Billy Bob

    which truck would you buy?

    Brakes and tires shouldn't count as they are wear items...and I agree that the 18" tires are PRICEY...my Tundra have them also... But the other repairs seem a bit much...my '07 Toyota Tundra has none except tires and brakes.
  10. Billy Bob

    Wollaston Lake Lodge

    Here's a few from Cabela's....if Cabela's has their name on it...it must be good.... http://www.cabelasoutdooradventures.com/trips/fishing/canada
  11. Billy Bob

    Was a crappie fish outing

    NO fish is better then Crappie when it comes to a FISH FRY....
  12. Billy Bob

    Overnight Sleeper Huts

    We would always get a 4 man hut for two fishermen and then sleep on the benches overnight...
  13. Billy Bob

    Puchasing First Home

    In NYS you can get a agent to represent you the buyer....but this is NOT the norm here.....but then you would have to PAY that agent to represent you...much better off having a real estate lawyer represent you on the closing details...
  14. Billy Bob

    which truck would you buy?

    With those two choices I would say your between a rock and a hard place...