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  1. Same here Lew. If you ever want to get out let me know. I always looked forward to reading your posts, and won't forget how nice you were to me giving me that lawn mower. I'm still using it to this day. I will gladly buy that mustang inflatable off you when you get back from out east. Have a great trip. Cheers.
  2. Great Job ! I see Chris Johnston came 3rd. Good showing for a local guy. I've competed in local tourneys around here. Both brothers are good. Im happy to see some canucks making some noise down south !
  3. I've been saying it for a while now. There great customer service is the reason I keep buying shimano products. I have never had a bad experience
  4. Hi folks, Just asking any of the guys/ladies on the board here if they can recommend an instructor for a one stop PAL and hunter education course, in the Peterborough or surrounding communities. I have been on the OHEP website and there are a number of instructors. My Dad and I are looking to take the course this winter. I have spent a lot of time in a classroom in my life and I just don't want it to be a bore. We are there to learn of course and will take it seriously but if possible we would like to enjoy it, since it will be a minimum 20 hour course. Maybe sinker or some local guys on here know of someone. Thanks
  5. Maybe there are some other anglers on here from the tourney who could chime in.
  6. Well as an angler present at this weekends top bass tournament, as well as all of the other tournaments in the schedule this year, I was taken back when evidence was brought to light as was every other angler I spoke too. it was quite the chat around the launch and boat inspection area and at the Friday night pre tournament meeting (which I was not present, just got a phone call Friday night informing me of the news ). All of us were disgusted with the news, we all rely on the honesty and integrity of all the teams, however unfortunately when there is significant prize money on the line some individuals will go to any length, it isn't the first time this has happened and sadly wont be the last. The individual who discovered and witnessed the first basket, I cant say I know him well, but I believe is a credible individual. Could this stand up in court with how it all went down? probably not. There was talk about how it all went down and different guys had different thoughts on how it should be handled. When they discovered the baskets apparently a call was made to the director, whom I am made to believe (hearing third person of course) requested the baskets be left and discussion on how to deal with this would be made. However the angler decided to bring forth the evidence. Like I said that is what I heard from fellow competitors Saturday and Sunday. Some were saying to clip each of the fish let them fish and allow them to weigh in, and then contact OPP and present all of the evidence at that time. We were all saying there is no way these guys will show up to fish Saturday morning, as what was to be a secret by Saturday morning amongst the field, was no secret. I believe contact was attempted to be made with the accused Friday night, and during the confrontation Saturday morning well lets just say you had to be there to form your own opinion on there reactions. Can you pin all of there other wins on the season on cheating of course not, but don't think I'm not skeptical. Everybody here can have there opinions, I have mine just like the 73 other boats and anglers there this weekend.
  7. Well I own a piece of property that has one commercial unit and three residential apartments. Is it all peaches and cream? of course not. Is it a lot of work ? yes. But I don't know of many other investments where I can make the returns I will from this property in a 5 year turn around. I have had welfare tenants ODSP tenants and financially stable tenants. The most important thing I have gained in my five year experience is to really feel good about who, your renting too. Are you going to be 100% right all of the time? No. But the last 3-4 tenants I have had, have been great tenants, If there on welfare or ODSP, the cheque comes directly to me. There are great tenants out there who are on social assistance. I make sure that with all the rent there is more than enough funds to carry the mortgage and taxes, that way if an emergency happens, the appropriate trade is contacted an rectified quickly, at the end of the year if there is a surplus of funds, due to no "disasters" I put that money back into the building to increase the value of the property and avoid taxes needing to be paid on it. Its to the point now where, I give one of my tenants $50 off a month just to be my eyes and ears around the place and it has been worth every penny. I personally would not own a property 3-4 hours away, and I'm lucky as after my move to my new home im 2 mins away from my rental property, I don't even have to go there to collect rent they drop it off to me. Every month the mortgage is paid I just think of the money going into my pocket, I was planning on getting out after five years and cashing in but im thinking I may hold on to it for a little while longer yet. Lastly know your rights, and know the tenants rights , have a professional lease/rent agreement prepared and find a good tenant. Just saying for me renting has been a really positive experience. Perhaps the next home I buy I will be able to be mortgage free, all on the back of a rental home
  8. I was out pre-fishing south pigeon yesterday, and my partner and I were commenting on how choked it is with rice everywhere. its unbelievable how much more rice there is this year compared to last year and the year before, I had gps way points that were easy to get too, now its virtually unnavigable with out a push pole. I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple more years south pigeon will be choked off completely,every year there is less and less navigable water on south pigeon. Its always been choked but the rice is getting crazy
  9. I have never launched on that side of the lake but there are multiple boat launches according to navionics. Maybe sinker can chime in, he is pretty familiar with rice.
  10. That's too funny 2 weeks ago I picked up the grey/black indoor/outdoor carpet at home depot to do the bunks on my trailer .
  11. I'm sure some will run to Lake O. and drop shot big smallies. A mid 20 lbs bag is going to be needed for sure.
  12. An enjoyable read as always Mike ! Now all I gotta do is save up $10,000 to take my old man LOL!
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